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hey guys,


The weekend march 2-3 is getting close and the accommodation i have arranged books out fast so


thought it best to throw this information up.


REGENCY WATERFRONT NOOSA night of 2nd march or before or longer.


phone number 5449 7139 along side the YACHT CLUB gympie terrace noosaville


Mention the 86 group.


double $115

twin $135

3 singles $160 i guess this will be for the subie guys.


Get together with your mates (if you have any) and arrange to share.


The weekend frivolities will be revealed end of this month however if coming for one night and then the


run sunday dont forget EUMUNDI MARKETS saturday morning till around 2 ish.


If arriving early enough a cruise on the water is fun and ferries leave every 45 minutes from many jetties


along the river including one at the YACHT CLUB - cruise to hastings street and grab an ice cream and


walk along the board walk to have a look at the beauties. It may be possible to leave your car at the


motel and walk 2 hundred metres to the jetty at the yacht club.


Meet my place at 3 pm or 1500 or donald duck is straight up and micky mouse to one side - after a


cuppa do a run through noosa as a group and look at a few roundabouts.


I will send a PM with my address, phone and ready to assist if needed so please start a list of who is coming - i will


need those numbers to book a table at the RSL so we can dine together and also for brekky at the YACHT


CLUB - there is always a band and floor show at the RSL - jeans 86 shirt acceptable dress.


Use this thread to notify you are coming, numbers and if you want to share - i will post more at the end of the month-


open to all even if your 86 subie hasnt arrived and partners welcome.


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I will be there and see you at 3pm - i would like to share with a 37 year old single lady but knowing my luck i will be by self.


so that is 1



would next adding their attendance add to my 1 so we have a progressive total eg married couple

we are coming and 2 of us so total 3 -- not rocket science is it and the first person stuffs it up will have inflicted group whipping - naked.

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