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What have you done to your 86/BRZ today?

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Vinnie, where did you buy them for and how much because i'm looking for a set

Hey mate,


Ordered them from Garage 88.. They came to $493 including delivery to Adelaide... It was the cheapest I could find, everywhere else wanted over $500.. The only other place that might get them cheaper would be Jesse Streeter, but I didn't want to wait for them to be shipped from Japan so went with Garage 88

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Been a while since I last posted,


2x SPOON sports brake fluid reservoir covers(installed)
RadiumAuto Dual catch can: http://www.radiumauto.com/Catch-Can-Kit-for-FR-S-BRZ-86-P374.aspx(ordered, waiting for delivery)

DEI Titanium Heat Wrap - full exhaust(Headers, Overpipe, Mid Pipe, CBE)(installed)

16x7 + 38 Ronal R50 Aero track wheels(ordered, waiting for delivery)

Official ROWW sticker(installed)

TRD Foglight Canards(installed)

Toyota 4.556:1 Drive Ratio(Ordered - sent PO, waiting for email from NST)

Have to look for some nice track rubber for my Ronals.  Shortlist is V70A's or some R888's


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Hi all, We have had our 86 for a month now & we are very happy with the car,

Its only done 700 Km so we have not pushed it yet, Its time will come.

Done a few things to it in the first week we had the paintwork treated with Opticoat, Very happy with the results.


This is the wife car so she wanted her 4 character custom plates fitted this created a bit of a problem mounting them to the front

on such a large standard mount so we ended up using custom plate holders from Lakin with part of the cover blanked out they did the job nicely. 


The next thing the wife asked for luggage restraints fitted in the boot so I fitted 2 Stainless eye bolts to carpet mounting points

drilling the hole out to 8mm & fitting nutserts as shown in the pic.


One of the things I did not like was not having a spare tyre, But I agree with the added weight issue.

I did not want to use a space saver tyre so I chose to use a tyre repair system I have been using for years on my 4 wheel drive

& Motor cycle, I found this kit to be very reliable & safe at speed. This kit fits very well in the boot well along side the standard

Toyota Compressor & Kit as shown in the pic's. This kit is very easy to use & costs less than $ 50 


The lattest request from the wife was to paint the brake calipers, So I acquired decals from Ebay removed the calipers from

the car & sprayed them on the weekend, Using VHT Red & Clear coat, The job took all of 9 hours but we are very happy with the results. 











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I received my RadiumAuto dual catch can kit(for FR-S/86/BRZ) today.  
I've done the drivers side so far, and have had to unclip a metal hose or two to allow the can to fit, also some slight rubbing up against the cannister, but I've since put a SPOON oil reservoir cover over the cannister to stop any abrasion.

I'm half way through fitting it, has anyone here fitted one before and encountered any problems(besides the above)?




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A proper racing slick doesn't have tread that is suitable for use on the road. The tyre you have ordered is in no way comparable to the S700. Just because it is a "circuit" tyre does not mean it is a "proper racing slick" as you put it. You don't understand why a slick is called a slick, do you?


Don't get me wrong, the tyre you have ordered is much better for racing than a regular road tyre, and is a very good tyre, but it is a compromise. A proper racing slick CAN NOT be used on the street.


And before you get all high and mighty, I have comparable tyres on my road wheels and track wheels for the Westfield.


I realise that you only post here to try and show off and brag about how much you have spent, and buying "proper racing slicks" is definitely something for you to brag about. But maybe go and tell people who actually race proper race cars that your V70As are a "proper racing slick". Just don't get upset when they laugh in your face :)

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Maybe I shoulda call them R-Comps instead? As they are a racing compound?

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the V70A's are a proper racing tyre, but with tread pattern to be DOT legal. (The MAIN reason I bought these tyres as I hate switching wheels at the track)

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You probably should have called them that. My point was they aren't a slick. Not even close. They are a R compound tyre, also known as a semi slick, but you said you bought racing slicks. Simple.

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http://www.kumho.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/ECSTA-V70A.jpg semi-slick street/circuit tyre


http://www.jaxquickfit.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/MICHELIN-Hydrid-Tyre-390.jpg proper racing slick


You say you don't wanna change wheels when you get to the track... But you realise you will be replacing these at a tyre shop a LOT more regularly, right??

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