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Does anyone know if there is any legality in regards to the number of catalytic converters on a car?


Aka if the car at OEM state has two, you must have two as well?


I know you must have at least one, just needed to check if the same number had to apply as well.





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if you have it engineered you will have no problems, the intent of the NCOP is that it has to pass a level of emissions, so if you can achieve this then you are right.


but the onus will be on you to prove you comply, only way to do this is to have it tested once installed and prove via engineering that it does comply



all that said I cant think of anyone who has done this....  but to the letter of the ncop that is what would be required to be compliant....

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any engineer that does ICV engineering has to do this as part of the testing, basically they have whats known as a "sniffer" (gas analyser) that gets put up the tail pipe, you rev to a prescribed rpm and it takes a reading.


I have seen and have had friends tested at the base of nebo


if you could get a certificate or similar with the exhaust then it could be possible to prove compliance, however im not sure if any company would provide that. ive never seen it from working /playing in the industry. that said you could possibly have a print out from a dyno place that could show an attempt to comply with the requirements.


best to talk to an engineer if you are worried

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