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a kick ass drive into the hills

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date is now set for the sunday the 7th



ok times are


meet at milton maccas at 730 for breakfast, leaving at 8am


arrive at samford at about 9am, and leave here around 915


lunch at mapelton round noon


please call me if you plan to meet us in samford (or want to meet at woodford)










so going to do a hill drive on sat 6th or sunday 7th, so get the day off work and get ur shit ready (looks at nafe)


come along if you have an 86, if u have on on order, or even if you dont...



ok all here is the plan


leave brisbane meeting point (somewhere where we can eat breakfast, and a bp for some last min 98ron),


head up towards nebo,


end up in samford (2nd meet point),


head towards woodford (another meet point if needed), then head further north


all through the hills and lunch in mapleton (at the kick ass pub with a view)


then its home the highway if ur in a rush or home through the hills if you still have any fuel to burn....


there will be a photo op or 2 along the way

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Just remembered may not be able to make it that weekend due to a co-workers wedding (I will double check with the misses) and also Pending job change I may be in Gold Coast for the weekend of the V8 Supercars if anyone wanted to catch up and go for a cruise on the 19th to 21st of october

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I want to, but i dont really know my way around brissy haha


you just need to find the start point and then follow the rest for the rest of the day....


trust me, you will see some of the best of the roads in se-qld

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Seriously, all you guys considering going, just do it!! These are the roads your car was made for!! None of this "I need to ask the missus", or "my boyfriend doesn't want to". You guys will have so much fun driving your brilliant handling cars on this route!

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