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TPMS Tyre pressure monitoring systems, interface with STOCK headunit!

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Perfect for track days or just general safety. Anyone who has driven on low profile tyres would know that its not as easy to tell when you are losing tyre pressure as back when the whole car would collapse on one side with massive sidewalls.


Driving on a flat tyre will result in that tyre being destroyed and could end in other more obvious trouble (accidents).


They are quite simple to install and we can arrange fitting in qld for both the sensors and the processing unit.



Here is some infoz:



Feature List:


In-Dash Navigation System module specifically designed for In Dash A/V Monitor Displays

  • Monitor the pressure/temperature of four wheels at the touch of a button through your in dash A/V monitor
  • Your existing reverse camera can be connected to the TPMS control module allowing for dual connection through the one input
  • Simple installation! Just connect the module into your Video or Camera input. If you don't have a camera input, this TPMS module will allow you to add a reverse camera.
  • TPMS information screen will automatically appear if a tyre problem is detected
  • The multi colour interface allows you to easily identify problem tyres in red for fast evaluation
  • Wireless multi-function power button can be mounted anywhere for drivers convenience
  • User programmable high and low pressure range
  • High quality alloy valves
  • Six-year minimum transmitter life
  • User friendly programming functions
  • Operating pressure range 0-87Psi

We will be offering LOCAL warranty and pickup from QLD office


We will be selling these TPMS systems that will interface with your stock headunits.. (GTS only, or aftermarket screens if you get an upgraded headunit)
















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Hey Mark, What button do you have to press on your head unit to display all the information. Is it in the menu where 'bluetooth' 'fm' 'am' etc is?


It automatically cuts in cos it fools the headunit to thinking you put it into reverse. You hit the remote and boom up it comes on the headunit.

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We have FIVE of these on order.


Please email if you would like to be one of the five.


Price for first purchasers will be $200 pickup. Shipping Australia wide would be probably $20 or so at a guess.



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Why was that?


Spoke design meant that you wouldn't be able to open these straight valves, the ones on these rims have a 90 degree bend in them. I'm sure there would have been a way to hack them together but it was outside of my technical expertise.



That said $200 is a wicked price compared to what I paid for a set! Almost tempted to get them and see what I can dodgy up haha.

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