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NOS Pillows! Plush toys exclusive to 86forums!

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OK guys, this is a STREET FX Exclusive biggrin.png

Before I start, these are HAND MADE, and are made in batches of 50. Stock is replenished every week, so there may be a short wait for your order.

86 forum members price is $35 plus shipping, I am sorry to say shipping prices went up substantially, we actually lost money on the first batches - the pillows wont fit into the $10 registered or express post bags, so we need to fit them in the large size. Shipping is $15..

Anyway, here's the "Ad" part:

Ebay link for non forum members: http://www.ebay.com.....m=180893516608




Styled around a REAL Nitrous bottle, this pillow will give your back seat, your couch, your bed or any other location you can desire, an extra 200hp biggrin.png




Just for laughs smile.png Makes an EXCELLENT gift! We are the exclusive sellers of this product worldwide!!

Please note that there is a short wait on delivery on these items as this is a SPECIAL ORDER low production item, so they come in batches. We DO have stock at the moment though.

Put it on your couch, between the seats of your car, in the boot, or at the head of your bed, This is sure to be a talking point for a long time to come! smile.png A brilliant and unique gift, you know nobody will EVER have already gotten, considering these are EXCLUSIVE to Street FX!

This item is shipped via Registered Trackable Post.

Physical Construction: Plush blue, white and red, with high quality internal padding (pillow material)

Dimensions: Approx 550mm tall (around 2 foot high)

Pick up available from our store in NEWSTEAD QLD.


How to purchase?

Ebay link for non forum members: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayIS...m=180893516608

1) Pay us!

Use this link if you need to use paypal (slightly more expensive):


AMOUNT: $35 (pickup), add $15 for shipping (within Australia)

Account Name: Street FX PTY LTD
BSB Number: 084223
Account Number: 892343286

Please use "86" plus your username as the deposit reference

2) Be sure to email us (to [email protected]) with the title "SF: NOS PILLOW" straight after payment is done along. The email should contain:

* Your Forum Name (if you are not a forum member, you dont get the discount)
* Your Real Name
* Your address
* Your with the receipt info so we can identify the payment

Thanks guys!

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I remember we were discussing how hard it was Mark at the shop to get them customs are a pain. I am keen please


Yep we got the most recent lot in after a bit of fighting, but they are here now :D

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