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New to modding

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Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a BRZ soon and I want to plan out how to approach modding the car so I don't do something wrong and waste money or worse, break something. I mainly want to use it as a daily driver but at the same time, I want it to be decently fast so I can keep up with the likes of a Stock STi or Focus RS. I wish to make around 230-250 whp with a supercharger, but I have a few questions regarding this. Before people recommend a turbo, I definitely know I want a supercharger because I prefer having power down low...

1) Is it possible to reach 250 whp with a positive displacement supercharger on 91?

2) Does that require me to go for a fully built engine?

3) Do I need to start changing out things e.g. clutch, axle, etc at that power levels? and lastly

4) Will it keep up with a stock sti or rs?

The reason I am so obsessed with "keeping up" with those kinds of cars, is because those are the kinds of cars my friends are going to be buying, and I don't want them to flatten me on the highway or at a Nasho Run (for all you NSW people)

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