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Rough surfaces, 80 k limits and driving an 86

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Hi campers.

As a newbie with first 1000 k under my wheels have some good and bad news.


1/. Stay on foam bitumen

2/. Western district scoria road noise pretty overwhelming.

3./ woodchip and log trucks everywhere counted 17 on casterton road ast night AVOID

4/. Speed reductions to 80 k everywhere

5/. Roads are grooved and sunken under huge truck payloads.

6/. Debris everywhere treads, broken bitumen, big potholes.

7/. Slippery when wet signs all over the place

8/. Dead roos everwhere killed by the trucks.

9/. Not every town has 98 ron and its $1.67 anyway.

10/. At 100 kph on some rutted roads you will bottom out on your skid pan

11/. Night lighting is crap you wont see the roos grazing the edges on the new grass.


Good news?

Great daylight set of wheels.

Out here everyone is curious especially the toorak tractor folks the volvo audi and merc compressor gentry.

To coin a phrase t goes up hills like a rat up a drain pipe.

Its a serious commuter but the 90,80,70,60,50,40 spped signs make it hard to drive so my gps limits are set exactly on the limits coppers out here near border prey on SA speeders who dont slow from their 110 crossing into this State of Enforcements.

Speed in roadworks at your peril..

But the coppers SS highway patrol unmarked cruise is quicker..

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You're game, I would not drive my car on anything but decent tarmac, not even my Camry. The 86 is quite noisy, you get what you pay for I guess & it wasn't exactly high priority for Tada san to take notice.



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Well my friend don't drive out west on either Hamilton Highway or Glenelg and avoid C class side roads as theya re full of log trucks bringing the wood chip and blue gums to Geelong

and Portland for the next 25 years.

And the Vic Roads strategy is to post signs everywhere dropping limits to 60km/hwhere og trucks enter and in some cases whole road sections like Coleraine Nareen road 50K at 80km/h.

:Rough Surface" and 80K speed limits everywhere to avoid costly litigation from fast and furious driving with go cart rims and tyres.

And then TOG enforces them limits so you either end up walking home fined or lose your car for 30 days.

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I avoid nothing, I just drive to the conditions, hell, I've been know to head down dirt roads and fire trail.


If I was worried and didn't venture down every road I come across because of trucks, road kill or bumps, I would hate to think of all of the good places I've not been and the sights I've not seen.


What are you saving your car for? Its next owner?

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Yep saving for good and future folks


I put it up on hoist and removed steel shield aand found all manner of craap and debris small stones sticks hay etc washed it all tu and refitted.


Can but imagine picking up a rock and flinging it into the plastic underguard.


Went down a fire trail in my RAV 4 and dented the CAT could but imagine going into forest in a BRZ/86 with 30cm ground space..

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