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Rotors, Calipers and Caliper brackets.

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Hi guys

Has anyone compiled a list of what rotor fits the 86 brz and which caliper brackets can be interchanged to facilitate different rotors.

For starters:

The GTS caliper attach bracket will mate with the GT caliper and provide a brake bias due to different pot cylinder size and allow 295 mm rotors with ni need to take caliper off.

Ditto rear caliper bracket allows fitting of 285 mm disc and upgrade to vented without changing the caliper.


Insee also after market brackets extend the disc radius up to 330 mm using standard pads.


In some brake systems it us possible to use different pads that take up debatebly more swept area especially on the inside.


So it would be good to see what subaru and toyota calipers and caliper attach brackets will work on the stub axle and rear axle of the 86.


Start your list here of equivalents.


Pads and rotors no issue the dba catalogue and also supercheaps pages permit drilling down to every pad that matches every gt and gts rotor.

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Caliper attach brackets from redline spares from a brz $150 the set

Pads and slotted dimpled tora rotors vented from online spares 295 and rear 285 mm for $250.00

Brake upgrade using sixteen inch oem $400


Mrt sydney utube video explains gt gts brz brakes changes and biasing without removing calipers and using oem pads.

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GTS upgrade to Gt86 Rotors

The MTC video is incorrect

You can fit GTS 299 mm rotors to front using GTS attach brackets and the correct GTS pads.

You cannot fit GTS attach brackets on the rear and use 23mm vented rotors perse

Remedy mill 1mm per side from brand new rotors taking down to 16mm minimum and just in case mil brake pads 1mm each down to chamfer

then and only then will GT86 calipers fit over the disc pad combo GTS.


The milling of rotors whilst not ideal is legal to 16mm  but pointless as the brake temps will quickly do to purple and orange steel oxide.


better bet stick with solid rotors and go slotted dimpled.


However solid rotors do not cool down as quick and we measured 680F vs 560F over same down hill braking test.


rear rotors on 86 seem to generate and conducta  lot more heat to the alloys for some reason on same braking run  580 degrees VS 400 front.

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