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Cake Eater

Cake Eaters 2017 LE

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I'm 53 and have been playing with cars from 16.


I picked up a 17 LE to get back into a light(ish) RWD platform.


Sold my 15 STI because whilst it was quick and handled well it was boring in my opinion, I've had a 500hp Skyline (track car), a MX5 (track car), a couple of rotors and a assortment of 4, 6 and V8's, plus lots of bikes, currently riding a ZX6R (if I need a hit of acceleration that's my go to toy)


So far I have replaced the Michelins with some Hankook RS4's, 215/45 17, I'm keeping the OEM rims, from my experience at picking the brains of some of the guys at local tracks, any bigger and the extra weight is a big down side, hell the car would need alot more balls to overpower the RS4's.


Put on a X Force cat back so I can at least hear the engine, that added a massive 0% increase in performance, as expected, and only a very slight increase in noise, nothing like what expected from the sound clips on the X Force site, I believe what they advertise as a cat back is in fact a header back, or, headers and full exhaust.


Also got some camber bolts, maxed them out to get a disappointing -0.5, so much for the advertised +/- 0.75.


As for the future, it's staying NA, I've had my share of breaking modified cars with turbo's.


I'm getting a tune, mainly for cleaning up the OEM tune, and the Racerom features that are available with ECUTEK, I am a massive fan of the rev match feature, I'm rubbish at heel toe.


I will most likely get the header back section prior to the tune, that should at least get me the sound I want.


Apart from that it's now looking like alot more parts to get the alignment settings I want, everything I require is in the whiteline catalog, the OEM adjustability is rubbish for an advertised "sports car".


I'm liking the OEM shocks and dampers on the LE, and the Brembo's are excellent, sadly as I've stated the OEM adjustability is the only real let down.


As for the elephant in the room, power wise it wouldn't pull the skin off custard, but that's not the point of it for me.


I'm more interested in making it handle, it's the twisties where the real fun is.


It is always fun when you grab a new platform, looking at all the things that make them go, corner and stop.


Oh, and all the stupid things people do, and their outrageous claims, are also a interesting read.


Anyways, I babbled on enough




Oh, and if can work out how the hell to upload a pic I'll do that, new website blues strike again.....

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Some how, stupidity mabe, I started 2 newbie threads, I will keep this one updated.


Header back is on, the slightly larger pipe and high flow cat has the car sounding good IMO, from talking to a few tuners a new header will make the car alot louder, not something I'm looking for, plus with the revised header design from the 17+ models the couple of extra pony's wouldn't be worth the noise IMO.


As with all things, opinions may vary.





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