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Possible mods for my 2015 86

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Depends on brand name for parts, my X Force header back exhaust is going for $1300(ish)AU, they also do a header for around $600(ish)AU, BUT, as stated prices vary, especially when you factor in postage.


There are a huge amount of different brand name exhausts to choose from, most will have similar performance gains, the biggest difference is the noise a out the back and the drone in the cabin, the material it is made from will also affect the price and sound (Ti), a catless 2.5" full system can be loud, a 3" system can sound like arse, my 2.5" header back with a highflow cat is as loud as I would go, a catless header on top of what I have would be to loud for a street car I believe, and from the small gain in performance it wasn't worth the extra outlay.


Tuning prices will also vary greatly, whether you get a tablet, ECUTEK or stand alone.


A open flash tablet is a budget option, and your still going to need a proper tune, the generic tunes are far from perfect, they also fall down on features, you can pick them up used, so if your on a tight budget and are willing to skimp a bit that may be a option, you will need to ensure that the thing will pair with the AU ECU though, but in the end I'm not sure on them, I researched them for about 2 minutes before deciding to give them a miss.


IMO a ECUTEK and some dyno time is the best place to be, I used ECUTEK on my old 2015 STI and it was faultless, plus the RACEROM features are a bonus, cost? you should be able to get a ECUTEK tune by a good tuner for around the $1500 mark


You could get a stand alone, but, do you really need it, I would say no, unless you are doing a engine swap or you are turning it into a race car, I think the cost start at around $2000 just for the units, then additional fitting and tuning costs on top.


TL;DR, get whatever exhaust that you like the sound of, a header to suit if you want, and a ECUTEK with some dyno time at a top tuner, easily doable for under $3000 if you fit the exhaust.


Power results WILL vary, get a before and after graph, noise WILL vary greatly.


Not all tuners are good, or honest, it's hard finding a good tuner, people will always say their tuner is best, do your research.

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