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That 86 that died... Need advice on engine

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I've got a Toyota 86, with no engine. The main bearings went, and caused piston number 4 to hit the valves, unsure about the state and repairing it.

We were looking at getting the engine completely rebuilt with forged internals, for boost. But that ended up being really expensive, 8K for engine rebuild, 2k for install and tune, and about another 8K for a super charger.

So then we were looking at just getting a second hand engine, I found some on Gumtree for 2.5-3.5K.

The install of the engine was quoted to be $440 without tuning, which a stock engine wouldn't need. So then we thought, well we could just super charge the stock engine for a decent price. We found this http://www.sprintex.com.au/frsbrz/. So then its about 1.8K for engine install and tune. (Confidyne in Ulverstone would do the install, and MRT would remotely tune it). Or we could do one of the preset tunes that are available with it, which would be cheaper again.


We've got a budget of about 10K, but want to spend as little as possible. It would be nice to gain some performance, say with a supercharger. 


We're not sure what to do? Just throw in a second hand engine for cheap, leave it stock? Supercharge it? repair the old engine? Supercharge it?

We want some opinions of what the community think?


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