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DIY: Toyota (GT86 FT86) GT, GTS, 86, Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ LED indicator blinker and flasher upgrade

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CLICK ON ANY OF THE PICS FOR FULL SIZE! (You must be registered and logged in to view).



Time required: 15 minutes


Tools required: Small flat blade screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver



GT/GTS indicator LED upgrades, $130 (plus shipping)

* 150W LED FLASHER UNIT, 4x T20 6W High power amber LEDs, 2x T10 multidirectional amber LEDs



This mod is two fold for benefits:


1) I really loathe any yellow on my car, this removes all hints of yellow indicators back and front (side markers will follow soon)

2) Replaces all globes with LEDs which use less power and last longer











Please note: The style of leds provided MAY change, as we always look for brighter LEDs without sacrificing reliability every day, so any items pictured MAY change when you purchase, however the essential instructions will be the same.



What is included in the kit:


* 4x High power LED T20 bulbs (in these instructions we used two long for the rear, and two short for the front, to best compliment the reflectors)


* 2x High power LED T10 side markers (in these instructions we HAVE NOT fitted them, these will be available later, but are not included in the version 1 kit)


* 1x High power LED flasher relay (this prevents the FAST FLASH condition that you see on vehicles with bulb out or LED conversions, this method also eliminates the need for messy and bulky ballast resistors, does not waste power, does not produce heat, and still has the factory flash speed)


* 1x Strip of chrome vinyl (this is so you can cover up any remnants of the yellow bulb base on the LED kits, we are working on getting the LED bases produced in white so this is not needed in future kits)


Here is the kit as it sits at the moment (T10 sidemarkers are only displayed for illustration purposes only, they are not yet included in the kit).







The current kit still has yellow bases, which are still slightly visible through the lenses, we have provided some mirror vinyl that you can cut into sections to cover the yellow base as shown:







We will do the tail lights first. Open the boot and remove the inner trim by removing the clip shown on both sides:







Please note that some kits MAY use larger bulb heads etc, which may mean you need to put the bulb in first, still hold onto it firmly (so it doesnt drop into the lens!) and then attach the connector, ensuring it is seated hard up against the bulb.







Now turn the steering wheel you you can access the small retaining clips that hold the inner guard. Just unscrew three of these and then fold the inner guard back:









The current kit includes LEDs that are NON POLAR, so they can go in any way. Future kits may not have this feature, so test the indicator works by using the hazard light switch. If they light up, your sorted, otherwise switch the bulb around the other way.





Now put the bulb back in and you can see how much better the lens looks without the yellow peeking through from behind :)







PLACEHOLDER - here is where we will do the sidemarkers, while the inner guard is still unclipped, this is not shown in this guide yet...



Now if you turn your indicators on you will notice they FAST FLASH. This is due to the fact that your standard flasher uses the resistance of your bulbs to work out how fast to flash your indicators. This can be overcome two ways - 1) using LED decoders or ballast resistors. This is a messy way of doing it, as you end up with an inline piggy back resistor that potentially can heat up and burn holes in plastic etc, and it makes the job more complex. Instead we opted for a LED flasher relay box. You know that ticking thing under your dash that makes noise when your blinkers are on? That box controls the speed of the flashing. We have sources a DIRECT PLUG AND PLAY box that suits the Toyota 86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. It is the box in the back of this picture.





The flasher can be easily located by turning your indicator on and follow the noise. I simply put my seat back all the way, took my shoes off, sat in the drivers seat upside down with my head under the steering column, if you aren't too big, it should be pretty easy to find as long as you have a torch, it is directly above the accelerator/brake pedal assembly. Left hand drive cars may differ, but it should be similarly easy to locate. Listen for the ticking noise!







Its kind of a squeeze up there so i just unclipped the plug and then tugged the unit out of its retaining clip by pulling the whole flasher down. This pulls the clip out of the socket.








I took the retaining clip out of the standard flasher by using a small flat blade screw driver and pushed down on the clip inside, it should be pretty easy to see how it locks when its off the car. I think slotted the clip into the new flasher unit.








Next we can pop the new LED flasher into the clip location and then plug it back in..





BINGO, you're done :D










Don't forget we have heaps of different bulb upgrades, including LED foglights, HID foglights, Indicators, Interior lights, License plate lights, reverse lights, HID headlight upgrades and more :)



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Wow! Mark dude! U gunna send me broke the way u convincing me! Hahah

U should see the list I jotted down, half of it is your fault! Hahalol.


And I don't even have my car yet! 2 Mths of agony already and could be 2 more Mths still to come!

Patience with Toyota running thin.

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Hated the little white clip on the flasher (i had a fight with it) but other than that, was easy. Now we just need the side markers .


i just pulled it down til it popped off ha. not exactly surgical but it was the only way i could see.

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Found a guide on another forum but i definitely need a video. A lot of people seem to be having a hard removing and/or putting it back in...

Keep us updated on that cos I will be fully replacing mine soon too :)

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