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track day or driver training track day

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hello all.


looking to arrange a track day.


couple of options, but main one to keep it cheap would be a mid week session.

  • now there is a couple of groups that do race driver training and we could all go along for one of these - this will be easiest as they just take money and we just show up. even if u think u can drive you will learn so so much from one of these days

  • could do a private track session with no driver training possibly cost more as would need to hire the track and smaller numbers might mean the cost is a problem

  • could all just rock up to a public session

now my thoughts are that morgan park at warwick would be the best place to start as the track is better to learn on, its slower and more technical. QR and Lakeside are both faster tracks but a little over done and the off can be much worse....


will take comment/ideas then arrange something....

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i have been running with some VW boys in QR/LS happy laps sessions.


$25 for 30 mins of track time with a breakfast. it's not a race/sprint etc tho. Just drive your car on a track for spirited driving.

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Keep in mind that if its a paid instructor lead day with people like John Bowe then companies like Just Car still provide insurance for you on the day :) I know Shannons don't any more though interestingly enough.

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