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Hi everyone, first post here.


Decided to take out the sound tube/generator today.

Pretty straight forward

Remove it from the intake by loosening the clamp.

Remove the two bolts that attack it to the engine bay.

pull it out with the clip that attaches it to the engine bay lower down towards the fire wall.


It didn't seem to be attached to the firewall with anything and pulled right out (if you do stick your hand down where it meets the firewall it is right next to the steering column so your hand will get greasy if you touch that)


To plug the intake hole i used a milk bottle lid. Light milk = yellow = matches caps in engine bay (kind of).


To plug the firewall hole you just pull back the carpet in the footwell and plug it with one of the grommets off the sound tube that one of the bolts went through

(I plugged the grommet itself with a ear plug but you could use whatever).


The only concern I have is if the milk bottle lid will melt but every time I have popped the hood the intake has never been too hot to touch so should be ok (any one got thoughts on this?)









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While I confess to being mechanically challenged (thank God for a husband who isn't), the thought of plugging a rather large hole in the car's air intake system with a plastic milk bottle top sort of worries me almando  - especially long term?


While removing the whole sound generator system is one way of going about things, I also remember reading about a '60 second solution' on the European FT 86 forum, where members achieved the same outcome by simply plugging the 'induction sound outlet' in the foot well with, of all things, the 12 volt adapter cover from the 86 glove box!


Seeing the latter is a simple and more elegant DIY, I must remember to try it one day to see whether I prefer my 86 with or without the artificial noise.

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I too worry about the m b cap. Is it automotive grade plastic?  What if it disintegrates?


Do some searching for safer ways.


While removing the whole system has benefits like weight-saving = improved fuel economy= better acceleration, lower centre of gravity = better handling   :P , it's easy to stick up the cabin hole with automotive grade BluTak

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Also rather than make a cap out of an old milk bottle lid why not spend a couple of bucks and get a poly reticulation end plug like this. You need a 40mm end plug to replace the sound tube hole and use the exisiting hose clamp. It's not going to suck through as the end cap has a lip. Also if poly reticulation can sit in the sun all day long and bake, not get brittle and my dog can eat it and crap it out the next day it should be fine sitting under the bonnet of an 86.




Sorry about this being a Perth link but I'm sure other suppliers around Aust. will have this.


Or if you have the $$ get one of these;



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Hi guys,


I did this and I like my car so much more.. 


I purchased the chinese clone of the mishima hose - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/252837996438?chn=ps&dispItem=1


It was half the price. 


Here's some info for those interested..


1. Mod with bottle lid in existing air hose


Firstly I was amazed at how much crap had been put in my engine bay to accommodate this feature. I was very happy to remove it all..


I used a bottle lid from a marinade I use for BBQ.


Sound difference - much better. I always found the sound of my 86 at 4k revs a bit harsh especially when hungover. The harshness is gone and theres more than enough noise to know when to change.


Performance - no change but because the car doesn't feel like its revving its titts off at 4k I have started to rev the car much more and it loves it. 


2. Replaced air hose


I got my hose for about $80 posted and I have to say its the best $80 I ever spent on the car. The engine bay looks so much cleaner and the footprint of the hose is much smaller than the stock one..


Sound difference - Its hard to tell the difference but it is slightly softer than the bottle top. 


Performance - I think theres been an improvement in the low revs at takeoff. It seems to have removed a low point in the acceleration curve. It seems more linear. Its very slight but I love the way the car drives now..


Mishima say that theres a 5hp gain from the hose. While I can't quantify this it has definitely removed an element of lag in the low revs in low gear.


Is it worth it?


I don't like a noisy car and to get rid of the noise alone would justify the expense for me.. I rev to 5-6k now as opposed to 3-4k revs as it used to sound like I needed to change gear when the sound was piped in..


The minor change in acceleration was a real bonus I hadn't expected. It just fixes that stupid lull you get when taking off. The car actually rides like I have gone into sport mode (even though I haven't).


Engine bay cleanup. It looks so much better and I'm still amazed how much shit they put in our cars to accomplish what to me is a stupid feature (fake noise lol)


If you can change a hose on a car you can do this mod yourself...


I thoroughly recommend doing this to your car :)

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Followed the BRZ secret glove box cigarette lighter which has a plastic plug, which I removed so I could power my Navman and put that plug in the hole under the drivers clutch to muffle the broom broom noise which my wife said made me lean forward urging the car to go faster. Zoom Zoom!

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