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Hi Guys


I'm very happy to be on board as a vendor on the 86forums. As an 86 owner myself, I share your enthusiasm for the car and look forward to sharing with you what I learn over the years of owning, driving and modifying this car :)


A little bit of personal and company history. I first started out importing parts from Japan for my own Supra about 9-10 years ago. Parts support was non existent and pricing just crazy. I decided there had to be a better way. So I set about becoming the better way! I started out just getting my own gear, then would bring in a few extra bits and pieces that were impossible to get here - after a while it became clear there was a need for access to gear from Japan direct, via Yahoo auctions Japan mainly - simply the biggest, most awesome source of gear for JDM cars in the world. As my friends, then friends of friends, then friends of friends of.. (you get the picture) started coming to me for the rare and hard to find stuff, I decided to step it up a notch. First off operating from underneath my house (much to my wife's annoyance) then out of a shed - eventually I took the leap, threw in my day job as a Technical Specialist at Optus to do this full time.


Basically, this was a hobby and a passion that ran wild and 7+ years after throwing in the day job, I'm loving it as much as ever.


Nowadays we have two bases, one in Japan run by Robbo - where all the awesome gear we get in is held until we ship it and the other, here in Bayswater Victoria where it all ends up before being picked up or posted all over the country.


We actively support the communities we are involved in and hope that we are supported in return - I'm looking forward to some get togethers, I am sure the new 86 and BRZ are going to be a huge success story - there is no other car to compete with it in it's market segment - cheap, rwd, P Plate legal - a killer combo!


Our team in Melbourne consists of myself, Aaron - and my right hand man, Chris. We're a small, service focused team and what we love is what you love - our cars. Chris has a stunning AE86 Trueno GT-Apex with a heap of work done - look for a photo shoot soon after I take delivery of my new 86 - we'll be hitting the twisties and comparing notes smile.png


Please rest assured that when you deal with Import Monster, you are dealing with real enthusiasts who understand what your car means to you - and will do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction smile.png Please don't hesitate to chase us up for anything you need!





Boss guy at Import Monster smile.png

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Received a TRD radiator cap from Import monster. Only a small order, but still very pleased with:

Top service,

very fast and efficient,

plus a nice surprise when it arrived.

Thanks Aaron and team!


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I can also vouch for Aaron and the team as being very easy to deal with and with an absolute passion for true customer service and satisfaction. Thanks again for my coilovers and taillights :)

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