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[NSW] Toymods July Cruise - Putty/Wollombi/Peats Ridge Cruise - Sunday 27 July

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Hi all! Toymods organises monthly cruises for like minded Toyota enthusiasts and I thought I would extend an invite to the 86 crew this month! Details below...


Ok so it is time for the July cruise, and this is gonna be a big-un!
- We will meet at 9am at Harry's Cafe North Parramatta. Same place as our monthly meets so it should be fairly straightforward for everyone. 
**Please make sure you have a full tank of fuel before we depart! There is a servo right next to Harry's if you need fuel**
- From there we will leave at 10am and take off up Old Windsor Road up through Windsor and then on to Putty Rd
- We then follow Putty road all the way up to Broke. This is a fucking awesome road and if you haven't done putty before, then you NEED to come along. It has some nice flowing curves, big wide open roads, as well as a couple nice tight technical sections, travelling through massive national park areas well away from annoying traffic you find on the more common road like nasho/old pac etc. We will stop once or twice for a breather as this is a very long stretch of road.
- When we get to Broke we will turn south and head down Payne's Crossing Road to the Wollombi Tavern, where we will then stop for lunch. **For those who wish to join us at the tavern rather than drive putty road, we will be aiming to be there at 1pm**
- From there we continue south along Great North Road until it becomes Peats Ridge Road, we will then stop just before the Pacific Motorway, say our goodbyes, and everyone can make their way home from there.
Please Note: 
*This is a long cruise, and Putty Road is a bit remote. It would pay to fill up with fuel before we depart, because nobody is going to want to waste half a day filling a jerrycan for you from some servo 150kms away. 
* Also if you have a shitty car in danger of crapping itself, it would probably be a good idea to bring some tools/oil/water/etc with you just in case :P 
* Due to the distances involved I will also print out a couple of route maps for everyone so that if people get lost they know where to go.
* Apart from that have fun! These are some fantastic roads we will be driving, and the Wollombi tavern is a really nice place to sit down and relax for some lunch too.
Hope to see you all there!


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