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Slidewize Private Skidpan Day 5/4/14 Gympie

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Hi all


I've got a private day booked with slidewize for 5/4/14 at Roadcraft Gympie.


I've had half of my 'friends' pull out of the day and at the moment i probably require 7 or 8 to make the day complete.


If anyones interested plase let me know !


Heres a bit of information on how the day operates and what is required for entry.



All cars need to be registered. With CTP extension.
Drivers need OPEN drivers license (No L's or P's)
8am - 3:30 pm
$140 per car, per day. All drivers are pre-paid to enter.
Entry fee includes compitmentary BBQ & soft drinks for drivers.
Qualified driving instructor on hand all day to help.
New drivers always welcome. We will help you out.


FIRST IN BEST DRESSED !!!!  please reply here not pm if your interested.



Throughout the skid pan day I run a variety of fast paced, educational and challenging activities that make for an action packed and fun filled day.
The morning session is spent sliding around several different tracks marked out on the skid pan. Drivers go out on the skidpan in pairs for 4 min sessions.
This is a great time for drivers to get a 'feel' for the car. It allows drivers to test how much grip the vehicle possesses
and to explore the limits of the driver in a safe and controlled environment.
Below are a few clips to give you an idea of how it works.

 I supply a BBQ lunch and soft drinks which is included in the price for driver and co-pilot.
After lunch we do the following driving games:

Go-to-whoa: Great way to test the raw power and braking of a vehicle!
A pair of cars line up, one on either side of the bitumen track. A whistle is sounded and the race is ON!

Shoot out: 2 cars line up on the skid pan to complete a tight little circuit. This really tests both the driver and vehicle.
Again, whistle is sounded, and watch the machines flex their muscles.

Time Trial:
I utilize the entire bitumen circuit for the time trial. A short track is created, and the stop watch is pulled out.
Drivers take their turn to run the time trial and see what they can do.
This trial adds a little speed, tight cornering, braking and requires a smooth driver!
Time trial normally takes about 1min per driver. If time is available, the trial will be run twice!

All participating drivers require an open drivers license.
All cars entering on the day will need a CTP extension. This is not difficult to obtain but must be obtained from your insurer at least 24 hours before the event, Monday-Friday, during business hours. This covers death to any person in the event of a fatal accident. Any vehicle or property damage is NOT covered by me or my insurance.

Payments: Payment details will be given to participants mid Feb for payment by end of Feb.


CTP Extension:  Needs to be gained during business hours.
Ring your insurance provider for your vehicle registration. CTP has NOTHING to do with car insurance.
Suncorp & AAMI are free, RACQ is $10

On the day, I will need a copy of your CTP extension, and a copy of your printed out and filled in Indemnity form. 


Thanks !!

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I'm keen as well if there are still places available



Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


The day is full now but ive started a reserves list if your keen to go onto it incase someone pulls out ?

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if anyone else is interested in this day there is approx 3 spots left ... if your keen pm me or reply here to get in on it... its alot of fun and worth the money for sure!!


This was me last time i was up there with Laurence in the passenger seat... just mucking around having some fun...



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