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JDM TOMs style Sharkfin Antenna group buy

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These ONLY fit the 86 as far as I am aware. I believe the BRZ has a different base.


Colours available:


61K: Dark Gray - Asphalt (Scion) / Tornado Grey (Toyota Australia)
C7P: Red         - Firestorm (Scion) / Fuji red (Toyota Australia)
D4S: Black       - Raven (Scion) / Storm Black (Toyota Australia) 
37J: White        - Whiteout (Scion) / Pegasus White (Toyota Australia)
D6S: Silver       - Thunder Silver (Toyota Australia) / Argento FR-S
E8H: Blue        - Sonic Blue (Toyota Australia) / Ultramarine FR-S
H8R: Orange    - Velocity Orange (Toyota Australia) / Hot Lava FR-S






*If your color code is not listed on the second image above, then there is a chance they may not be available. I am waiting on confirmation from manufacturer.



RRP: $99


Group buy price: $77 plus shipping ($6-$11 depending on location, pick up welcome)



If you want one, please add your name to the list ONLY if you are definite. Do not screw people around by saying yes and not paying, else you will be delaying everyone else.


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