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Hi All, 


I have got access to dash cams via one of the guys at my work is a chinese fella who sells dashcams for all vehicles. He sells them bassicly as an accesorie when people buy the new cars. 


FULL 1080P 


$350 he reckons. 


has got a back screen too. can also have a front cam and rear cam as far as I'm aware.


If anyones interested hit me up in this post or in a prvate message.



TD3 Brochure-1.pdf




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I believe thats the one my dad has on his car, never really seen the quality of it but its def bigger then the blackvue.



Yes you are correct. It is bigger than the blackvue. But i know it is cheaper as far as i know? Correct me if i am wrong.


I have actually got this on my 86, I used to have my go pro in the car, but the go pro's life battery lasts about 3 hous recording. and if its off (on standby, it dies within a few hours) i charged my go pro up, got to burleigh to go surfing, and it was dead. so yeah.. i got one of these. couldnt justify getting the blackvue.

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