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Cusco Supercharger Special

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Supercharger Special for 86! Only 3 kits left in stock $4800

Stage 2 supercharger kit. includes water to air intercooler, NO injector upgrade needed. No Fuel pump upgraded needed.

ECU tune not included. Labor to install not included

Please email or call inquiry for pricing of labor to fit, and ECU tune.

Cusco Presents: Supercharger Kit for the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ
Intercooled (water-air) Stage 2, suit both Auto & Manual Transmission
Linear Acceleration Similar to a 3.0 liter Engine
The Cusco Supercharger kit was developed exclusively for the ultra high compression naturally aspirated FA20 engine to further enhance the responsiveness and torque to match that of a 3.0 liter engine.
The end result is a Supercharger Kit that is completely bolt-on developed by using a highly efficient Sprintex unit as a base along with Cusco's product engineering knowledge.

●Increased torque similar to that of a 3.0 liter engine

●Twin screw type supercharger

●Intercooled kits

●Completely bolt-on. No modifications necessary.

※Sprintex Supercharger used as a base for kit production
>>>Power Data
Over a 40% increase in power output as compared to factory figures with a plentiful torque band that is usable in a dynamic range of conditions.
☆Power Details

150kw-180kw at the wheel (98 octane).
Please note:
1. Different type Dyno and different manufacture dyno will read different power figure,
2. With different support MOD like intake and exhaust system will make power different
3. Average 150kw to 180kw at the wheel
4. Higher Boost pulley available, highly recommended fuel system upgrade

◆ECU modification not included with kit

ECU MAP calibration (fuel, ignition) required after installation. May require additional components depending on varying conditions of vehicle setup. (Please inquire within for more details)

◆Pressure sensor included with kit (replaces factory unit)



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jus wondering how long hav u got the special on for also r u able to tell me wat would b the final figure if i go ahead n install this kit like with all the upgrades n tuned dat u hav said on the list there n u installing it as well.                                                       I'm very keen about this supercharged upgrade where i hav been looking into this for couple months now n I'm finally ready n hav come to my sences so if u can pls let us no asap pls 999 n I've heard a lot about yous guys for a few years now dat yous r very good at wat u do 

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