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Our most recent 86 supercharger install

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We recently carried out another Spec R performance upgrade kit in house and we thought you guys would love to have a peek.  The owner of this pristine black GTS automatic made his way down all the way from Coffs Harbour so we could do what we do best - make 86s fast.
First up, a big stack of boxes arrive thanks to a man with a truck!
The car was dropped off to us and before long we'd carefully and precisely ripped its face off...
The elegantly crafted HKS kit was grafted on to the front of the standard FA20:
There is a solid amount of work involved in installing the kit.  Through the magic of the internet, here is the completed result:
Silver on black; the sleek lines of a black 86 can only be improved by making them fly by faster.
HKS's unmistakable trade mark mushroom filter is hard to miss.  Beyond that, coat all the piping black and the installation would almost look standard.
The complete HKS Legamax exhaust system also made its way on to the car.  Complete with extractors, high flow cat, resonator and full stainless piping...
...down to the twin carbon fiber shrouded tips.
Lastly, the most important part - the tune.  All the tunes we carry out on our cars are custom.  That means every individual vehicle is loaded on to our dyno and tuned from scratch by owner Jim Ghelis for the best possible result.
The Dynapac hub dynos are a bit more work than a regular rolling road but they ensure we always get the most accurate result.
The space we carry out our tuning in is actually a fully enclosed wind tunnel believe it or not.  The door seals completely before a suction system at the rear pulls the air through the room.  Rather than having a fan or two in front of the cars we tune to simulate air flow, we move all air around the vehicle at speeds up to 160 KPH.  The air inlet sits in front of the vehicle, ensuring air will be travelling through towards the radiator and intercooler.
Here's how it all ended up - peak power of 165 KW at the rear wheels.  Unfortunately the automatic transmission was a restriction here; our 86 gained a further 10 KW with the stick shift in place.
Lastly, here's the happy customer.  He took his boosted beast around the block a few times before making his final departure and could not be happier with the power or quality of work.
Who's car are we boosting next?


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