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Who We Are and What We Do

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11 Chalder Street, Marrickville

Sydney NSW 2204

(02) 9557 4000

Monday to Friday 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Saturday 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM


Hey guys,


We are a work shop based in Sydney's Inner West. We carry out fleet and general servicing but more commonly spend our spanner time wrenching on cars to make them go faster.  We have been at Chalder Street, Marrickville for 13 years now.


As most of you guys know we have an 86 ourselves. It is our main demo car, alongside the owner and tuner's daily car 800 HP R8. We race our 86 regularly, posting up build information in our build thread here, our Facebook, Instagram and our web site.  For those of you that are on our Facebook, you will have already seen how much track testing we've been doing recently with our 86.


In the performance industry our specialty is custom dyno tuning.  All tunes we provide are custom - each car is loaded onto our Dynapac hub dyno situated in our wind tunnel dyno cell and individually tuned from scratch to produce the best result for the car with the specific mods, running condition, fuel and customer requests. Bespoke dyno tuning is our specialty, our passion and the foundation of Tunehouse.


We have tuned our 86 a number of times; another tune is performed whenever we modify it further. At the moment the car is producing more than two and a half times the factory KW rating (260 RWKW) on an E85 flex fuel tune. The unopened FA20 loves it and begs for more.


Parts supply is another large aspect of Tunehouse.  We are authorised dealers for a number of brands including HKS, Whiteline, Turbosmart, Project Mu, Bilstein, KW and Tein just to start off with.  We like to discuss with out customers what they want from their car, provide our recommendations then devise combinations of various modifications to build the car to their specifications.  Tuning does not end with the engine - we can cover braking, suspension and anything else on request


We offer a number of performance upgrade kits for the 86 combining both our exquisite tuning knowledge and dealer relationships.  You can have the best components available on the car and still not have the performance you want - we see it time and time again.


Here's what we offer at the moment; sorry, the Spec RT isn't on this graph.




Spec S Kit


 - EcuTeK Racerom license

 - Tunehouse custom dyno tune

 - 105 KW -> 112 KW ATW


This is our entry level kit. The EcuTeK Racerom license allows for the retrofitting of automatic throttle blipping on downshift as well as launch control and our bespoke tune. The peak power gains are seen at the top end, but there are considerable gains throughout the rev range as well.  Slightly improved fuel economy will also be gained.


Spec C Kit


 - EcuTeK Racerom License

 - Tunehouse custom dyno tune

 - HKS Super Legamax cat-back exhaust

 - HKS high flow panel filter

 - 105 KW -> 121 KW ATW


This kit is our next step up - for those that want some more go as well as more presence.  As you guys will know, HKS gear is second to none and what's why it's on our demo car.  With the engine breathing better performance is improved a further 10 KW in peak power and further throughout the rev range.




 - HKS extractors

 - 121 KW -> 126 KW ATW


You know that torque dip from 3,000 - 4,000 RPM?  Have you ever wanted to get rid of that?  Here's the solution for you.  With the extractors and a our custom tune in place, we managed to almost completely eliminate the factory power output dip and convert the output to as close to a straight line as possible.


We are aware that cheaper extractors are available.  With the FA20, before applying forced induction we want to be able to extract the most naturally aspirated horse power possible.  HKS extractors allow us to do this - they're the best.


Spec RT Kit


 - EcuTeK Racerom license

 - Tunehouse custom dyno tune

 - AVO turbo kit

 - Catch can

 - Ceramic coated exhaust manifold

 - Blow off valve


What you've all been waiting for - boost.  This kit of course needs no introduction.  It's what the 86 always needed, and what most believe it should have been fitted with from day one.  With this kit in place you can expect a roughly 70 KW gain depending on transmission and supporting modifications.


If you're going to do it, do it right - go with the catch can as well as blow off valve.  We found with our demo cat that even before forced induction it breathed heavy.  With boost  involved we say a catch can is a must.  The blow off valve is recommended of course to prolong turbocharger life and increase reliability.


Spec RS Kit


 - EcuTeK Racerom license

 - Tunehouse custom dyno tune

 - HKS Super Legamax cat back exhaust

 - HKS GT Supercharger kit


This is our ultimate performance upgrade kit for the 86.  The throttle response of a naturally aspirated car but with a near 75% increase in horsepower - you just can't beat it.  For a car originally developed for the Japanese touge, in our opinion having the power on tap and ready coming out of every corner and forcing you through every bend is absolutely invaluable.  From the traffic light grand prix to dedicated circuit racing, this kit will keep you well ahead of the competition from every starting line or light.


Our demo car is daily driven with this kit in place.  We have regularly taken it the two to three hour trip down to Wakefield Park, handed the keys to professional driver and Track School owner John Boston and seen him wring its neck around all 10 corners.  When we're done setting records, it's an easy drive home back to Sydney before being hopped into again to be taken to work.  The car has never let us down and only begs for more.


Spec R+ E85 Flex Fuel Conversion


For those looking to take their 86 the extra mile to edge ahead of the competition, we offer E85 conversion and flex fuel tuning to suit.  With this conversion in place our demo car gained an additional 50 KW at the wheels without even the need for more boost.  85% ethanol fuel is much more tune able and allows us to bring out optimal performance from a boosted 86 with a standard motor.


As we have done on our demo car, we are able to set up an ethanol sensor with in-cabin display showing the ethanol content rating in the tank at all times to make sure you're sipping the right drink.


Depending on application we are able to design this upgrade kit around the customers needs.  Combined installations of surge tanks, fuel pressure regulators, external fuel pumps and conversion of the fuel system from dead head to feed/return are all things we can carry out.




At the moment we have no preset kits for improving handling, though it's definitely something we can advise on in detail.  On our demo car we have personally experienced products from Super Pro, Whiteline, Tein, Bilstein, Hard Race and Roll control.  We have been track testing and proving every set up and upgrade and have the times to prove what works and what doesn't.


We will be making a build thread for our suspension alone.  Until then, get in touch with us and we can discuss what we recommend based off of our experience and how you'll be using the car.




Being a distributor for Project Mu, Disc Brakes Australia, AP Racing and Hel has its benefits.  We have extensive experience with all of these brands - they each feature on our car.  We've been through a few different caliper set ups and have tried different pads, rotors and even boosters and master cylinders.  Tell us what you want from your car and we'll tell you what we can do for you.


If you are interested in quotes, send us an e-mail to [email protected]unehouse.com.au or give us a call.  If you're perhaps not sure what you want to do to your car but know it's lacking something, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can work out what you need.


As well as being 86 performance specialist, we tune a wide array of cars and carry out all range of mechanical work from repairs to upgrades on anything from the last five or six decades.  Our work force collectively shares a back ground from both old school carbie powered vehicles to modern day boosted, E85 injected performance cars and everything in between.


If you guys have any questions about what we can do for you feel free to ask here.  All quote requests however must be e-mailed or phoned in - if you ask here, that's what we'll say.


We look forward to engaging with you guys in future.  This includes promotions, group buys and dyno days.  If you want it to happen, get in this thread and tell us!



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