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DIY: Installing aftermarket (Valenti) FOG/Reverse lights (remove/refit)

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Fairly straight forward, but you will get a bit dirty laying on the ground, and possibly scuff your hands up as it's pretty tight in there.. Allow around 25-35 minutes for this.


*** You will need to be logged in to see the pictures! ***


This guide is for those who have purchased an aftermarket reverse light such as the Valenti.. These are available here:











Tools required:


Flat blade screwdriver

10mm socket with ratchet or a 10mm spanner

Torch or light if doing at night




1) Wait for the exhaust to cool down (could burn your hands)


2) Lay down under the car and remove all the globe connectors (twist and pull). There are three globes - 2x reverse and 1x fog


3) Use a flat blade screw driver to pop out the side clips from the reverse light






4) Get your 10mm socket and undo the two bolts on top of the reverse light




5) Aside from the small clip at the bottom of the stock reverse light, that is all that is holding in your fog/reverse assembly. BE CAREFUL not to break this clip.


6) You can use your hand at the bottom of the diffuser section to get enough room to remove the fog/reverse assembly, it's very flexible there.




7) Remove the spare wheel matt, and the foam Inside the boot so you have access to the left hand side of the boot area, this is where the wires feed through. To remove the foam tool kit surround (that houses the jack), there is a single clip that holds it in place, just pry that out and remove the foam jack housing.


8) Remove the three clips holding the plastic trim above the boot latch mechanism. Use a flat blade to pry the center lock of the clips and then they should pop out easily. now you can take the plastic trim out and access the plug for the fog/reverse






9) Remove the plug for the fog/reverse and then trace the wire to the left hand side of the boot, where you can see there is a rubber grommet. Push that grommet through the panel and then from under the car pull the rest of the wiring through. The plug at the end might get stuck so just jiggle it around from inside the boot til it falls through.








10) DONE!






To fit a replacement, just follow the instructions in reverse :)

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Hi Mars101, I am going to go out on a limb here and say he had to have.


I agree it is very tight under there to be attempting the removal, I mean geez I simply swapped bulbs to LEDs recently and wow that was an effort.


In 1 of the shots also you can see more of the light housing and to get that shot you would of had to remove the muffler.

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Nope, you don't need to remove the muffler.


It is a bit tight but once you figure out what you need to do it's not too hard.  The only part that gave me problems was the clip that holds the bottom of the light housing to the bumper.

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