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ygoslo's other cars.

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I'm bored so I thought I'd post about my other cars. Y'all might like them? 


First off my Silvia, It's a stupid pointless undriveable-because-I'll-get-defected idiot of a car that just happens to be my favourite thing in the whole world. It doesn't go for some reason but it will again eventually. 




It has nice paint, Instant Gentleman aero, an S14a SR, HKS2530, Bride retrimmed interior, adjustable everything, 18x9 +9 & 18x10 +9 custom powdercoated Work VS-SS etc. I like it. I think it's nice.


I also have an AE86 club car. It also doesn't go.








I broke the engine twice so we're going to build a proper one. It already has a bunch of cool stuff like a Bride Zeta II, Cusco cage, Cusco coilovers, lots of T3 front end parts, an exhaust that's too loud and makes me wear earplugs when I drive it, a suede rooflining that I glued in place because I had to cut the sunroof out, etc. It's a pretty fun little car. It has a second set of wheels now and I painted the spoiler white. I painted the interior myself without pulling anything other than the seats and some plastics out. It was fun.


I also have a Galant VR4 that you should probably buy because it has back doors and you can't fit your children in your 86 and your wife is shouting at you.




It has custom paint that we did after I got $4k from insurance because a kangaroo dinted 2 doors, 2 new doors, a full inside & outside facelift model upgrade, Bride Brix, full exhaust, tuned ECU, lots of boosts, 183awkw (Mainline dyno), new everything, etc. It's a fun, fast car but I just have no room for it. And I need to get the other two going. And I want to build another Celsior one day. 

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Yeah once I got the car "finished" (or so I thought - broke the engine 2 weeks later) I did a little shoot there because I had sort of brought the car back from the dead. I bought the car pressure pack painted in a hideous yellow with a brown painted interior that was full of water, a destroyed bonnet, sunroof panel tek screwed in, half gone roof lining, rotting steering wheel, home made seat rail that meant anyone over 5' didn't fit, brakes that didn't work because the previous owner left a 12mm socket in the rear drum, etc etc etc etc. It was pretty hideous and owned by a stoner drifter who was just going to end up killing it. So it was a nice way to cap off the transformation/rescue. 


Now it's going to get a built 9000 RPM high comp 16v 4a-ge with quads etc. Basically the most expensive budget build in the history of cars at this point.  :blink:

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Up to date photo of the AE86 taken today. As you can see it looks much nicer now. I feel like the Japanese Group A inspiration is starting to shine through.


This week I received my full quad throttle setup (including T3 adapter plate, trumpets etc) so that's happening. About to start building the new engine. Excited to see what's achievable. 

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