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17 November: Kingscliff Cruise

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Planning is currently under way for a November cruise being organised by the Qld 86 BRZ Owners Club.

This post will be updated as the details are firmed up.


Leave from south side of Brisbane (meeting point to be confirmed) following an inland route across the border into NSW and then back to the coast at Kingscliff.

Lunch will be a BBQ at Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club which will also include games of barefoot bowls. This will be around $30 and must be prepaid at least 2 weeks in advance (details later).

The bowls club is right on the beach as well so bring your swimming gear. The weather will be perfect for it.

There is also a dress up them (optional) - currently "Superhero".

Depending on time there could be another twisting cruise route for the return journey, or otherwise straight back up the highway.


Tentative route at the moment is:


(Starting point stil to be finalised)

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We did have a great day. See all the pics on Facebook :)

The official count was 41 cars. Most were with the group from near Reedy Creek to do the spirited run across the border at Tomewin and around Hogans Road (the Oz Nuremberg Ring) finishing at Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club where we all enjoyed a good BBQ and some barefoot bowls before the rain came over late in the afternoon.

A really good day and perfect weather for it, although we see worried about that given last weeks weather antics.

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We also had a secret stip at Springbrook that only a select few where invited to :P :P


Hardest part was trying not to watch Pirates of the Carriben @ Worlds end. The cool thing though Kiran got so engrossed in the drive he switched it off and was totally fasincated with the scenery.

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