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Victorian 86/BRZ Club Rules & Regulations

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Club Forum Rules

General guidelines/rules for Victorian 86/BRZ Club


*rules will be amended soon to work with the 86forums*


Below is the list of rules for Victoria 86/BRZ Club. These rules are intended to make your time with us enjoyable and safe. The rules state what is acceptable and what is not. There are no ifs or buts about club rules. If you do not like them or cannot abide by them then please do not become a member. They are to make everybody’s life easier and have a great time.


Please read the following rules carefully! Not knowing them will not be a sufficient excuse.


Usage Agreement

You agree that the views and opinions of users are not those of the Victorian 86/BRZ Club it's administrators, moderators, or its members and Victorian 86/BRZ Club cannot be held liable for views expressed in this forum. You may not attempt to hold us liable for any damages resulting from the use or malfunction of this forum.


Amending forum rules


We reserve the right to amend the Forum Rules at any time and the enforcement of them is at the Administrators / Moderators discretion.


The rules are as follows:


All New Members:

1. Place an introduction thread on the forum to tell us a little bit about you and your car under Members Section - Introduce Yourself Put it up so we can get to know you. Please make sure you post these threads in their right location.

2. Before asking technical questions etc., please do a search of the forum to see if the topic has been covered before.



1. Links to porn sites or the posting of pornographic pictures is not allowed.

If you link to offensive websites, you WILL be banned, without warning.


Picture Posting:

1. Please make sure you only post pictures of your car or if you have permission to post pictures of your friends’ car. No pornography will be tolerated. V8 Supercar grid girls or promo girls etc. are acceptable.



1. Slanderous comments of any kind directed at club members or admin etc. are not permitted at any time. Posts will be deleted without notification. If it continues, further action will be taken including short bans and if this still continues this will lead to full ban from the forum and the Club. What people must also understand is this also includes external (read Facebook, Twitter, other forums). If anybody starts slander on any external medium that is deemed to be personal attacks on a fellow member they will also receive a ban.

2. Insulting or slanderous posts of any other club/forum will not be tolerated whatsoever, and could result in the person posting such comments facing a ban; this includes such posts being directed towards Other Businesses and/or Forum Sponsors.

3. Starting trouble in any way shape or form on the forums will not be tolerated, and may cause membership cancellation and ban (Possibly Permanent).

4. Anyone found to be deliberately provoking people in other forums to cause trouble in here will be permanently banned.



1. Following from Abuse section above, you will be banned or your contribution will be edited, removed or not published if the Administrators / Moderators consider any of the section above to be violated. Likewise if

- it’s an infringement of copyright

- nuisance or simply looking for trouble

- inappropriate or off topic. All posts shall stay on topic in a thread or will be removed.

- Public attack on fellow members

- Posting on behalf of fellow member who has been banned.

2. If for some reason you are banned altogether or banned for a short period, you may not start another account. If you do so that account will be deleted as well and if you were only banned for a short period, then you will become banned for good as

3. The following is the process for dealing with breaches

- Members will receive a warning from an admin after being discussed with admin group. If a breach occurs again, the member will receive a PM and a 1 week ban. When the member returns and a breach occurs again, the member will receive a 4 week ban. On return, and another breach is recorded, the member will receive a PM and have his account/club membership terminated.

- All breaches are noted for 12 months after the initial breach. After this time it will be removed. The process starts again. We would hope that we have members that do not get to the point where they have continual bans.

- When banned, there will be no discussion entered into. The rules are here for you to understand and comprehend. If you follow these rules then the admin team won’t have to do the awful job of banning you.



A lack of reading these rules is not an excuse to not abide by them or having them enforced.




With the formality aside, respect all other members, enjoy your time, and welcome to the Victorian 86/BRZ Club! :)

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Is this club an official club or just name sake ? Will there be proper track days / auto cross / hill climbs or just usual meets



It would be awesome to gauge some interest in getting a legit club happening

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Brilliant guys for spelling out the expectations and regulations of being a member of your Vic 86/BRZ Club - i believe "we" could follow your rules prudently and alleviate the deliberate malicious stirring that occasionally finds its way on here and seems to be condoned by "those who must be obeyed" thus leaving the receiver of the stir feeling disassociated wondering why their like of a particular mag wheel has led to them receiving a personal attack questioning their man hood or other such diatribe.

I particularly like the new member intro's with some substance asked for - I find it annoying that 86ers cant be bothered to complete their profile and even cant tell others where they are under their name in a post - I even came across a sponsor who I pondered buying from and wondered if he was local - why should I have to hunt for that when I am about to give you hundreds of dollars?


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Hey Blunt,


The facebook group does require approval to join as we have had some people who joined just for the sake of causing trouble. We are moving towards a forum which is ready to go live. If you are interested in more details shoot an email to [email protected] and our Membership guru Tristan will be in touch and give you all the info you need. 

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