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Boot/Trunk LED light upgrade, step by step guide (GT and GTS)

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Give your boot space some actual usable light output


Time required: Should take around 10 minutes or so.



Disclaimer: THIS INFORMATION IS PURELY FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Street FX and 86 Forums takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage or potential damage this alteration may cause. We have tested this to the best of our ability, and it is a VERY straight forward procedure, so we expect no troubles. But if you do something silly and scratch your car in the process, don't blame us!








Tools & Equipment required:


* 1x Street FX Multidirectional 9 SMD LED Upgrade board (steer clear of cheap china leds, they flicker and 2-3 of the 5 LEDs will mostly fail within months)

* 1x T10 bulb adapter (comes included in our kit, with short flylead)

* 1x Small section double sided mounting tape (included in the kit)


To purchase the LEDs, required, check the threads in this section: http://www.86forums....sport-graphics/










1) Pop the boot/trunk (interesting side note - the GT model doesnt have a boot release switch on the bootlid like the GTS does!)


2) The boot interior light is off to the left of the boot space along the top, locate it and squeeze the edges of the plastic housing and give it a tug, it should be fairly easy to dislodge.





3) Using the T10 adapter (while it is connected to the led board) just push the terminal in until the LED board lights up. If it doesnt, then switch the connector 180 degrees (LEDs are polarised)





4) Now, we want the led board to sit inside the housing at a diagonal angle so it throws the most light where it is useful. Test fit the LED board inside the housing making sure the housing is up the correct way. It might take a bit of fiddling to work out what I mean here, but once you angle it right, you will see what we mean.


5) The LED boards are around 2mm too long to fit into the housing in their entirety, so we need to help the lens housing stay in place (it ALMOST clips into its factory spot but NOT QUITE), so we use the bit of supplied double sided tape to hold the housing in place (only fit this after you have done the above step to get a feel for how the LED board sits in the housing diagonally)





6) Locate the LED board diagonally back into the housing, slide the housing back into its factory location, and then once it's as close to being back in it's spot, just push the housing upwards so the double sided tape holds on..
















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:( how do you remove the globe from the boot, cant turn it off - keep burning my fingers lol


If you look at the back of the light assembly you'll see that there is a brown connector with the wires for the light connected to it. On the side of this connector closest to the back seat is a little catch, push the catch in towards light assembly and then pull the connector out, the light will now go out. Change you bulb for the LED, push the connector back in to the light assembly.

Or grab the bulh with a rag or similar and be quick.

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I changed mine for a brighter T10 bulb (i'm going to add a strip light in my boot later - potentially a blue one - haven't decided yet) but I found the worst bit was trying to get the bloody plastic cover of the bulb housing !! lol

Nice write up for this & helpful comments - Cheers!

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It's a wedge type bulb. Just pull it straight out.


If you don't want to burn your fingers either put something on your fingers to protect them or find the button that tells the light the boot is open (should be where it latches) and hold the button in with your other hand or something.

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