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License Plate LED light upgrade, step by step guide (GT and GTS)

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[b][size=6][color=#FF0000]**** TO PURCHASE THESE AND OTHER 86 RELATED ITEMS CLICK [/color][color=#0000FF][url="http://streetfx.com.au/store/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=193"]HERE[/url] [/color][/size][/b][b][size=6][color=#FF0000]****[/color][/size][/b]



Remove those dated yellow halogen bulbs from your 86's ass end :D

[b]Time required: [/b]OK, this should take around 5 minutes or so.

[b]Disclaimer:[/b] THIS INFORMATION IS PURELY FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! Street FX and 86 Forums takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage or potential damage this alteration may cause. We have tested this to the best of our ability, and it is a VERY straight forward procedure, so we expect no troubles. But if you do something silly and scratch your car in the process, don't blame us!

[color=#ff0000][b][size=5]CLICK ANY OF THE PICS TO MAKE THEM FULL SIZE![/size][/b][/color]


[b]Tools & Equipment required:[/b]

* 1x Flat blade screwdriver

* 2x Street FX Multidirectional T10 LED Upgrade kits (steer clear of cheap china leds, they flicker and 2-3 of the 5 LEDs will mostly fail within months!)

To purchase the LEDs, required, check the threads in this section: [url="http://www.86forums.com.au/index.php?/forum/17-streetfx-motorsport-graphics/"]http://www.86forums....sport-graphics/[/url]




1) Turn your lights off (otherwise your stock halogen lights will burn your fingers when you try to remove them!)

2) Pop the boot/trunk (interesting side note - the GT model doesnt have a boot release switch on the bootlid like the GTS does!)

3) GTS models have interior trim covering the access for the lights (I didnt realise until we did Cory's car, that the GT model doesn't seem to have this trim)


4) Remove the three clips that are circled in red, that secure the upper part of the trim by putting the flat blade screw driver under the clip and twist slightly, the clip will pop open.


5) Fold down the upper trim so you have access to the light assembly.


6) Hold the bulb holder, and twist to unlock



6) Remove the bulb holders if you wish to work somewhere with more light (you can do it on the car if you want), and plug in the LEDs. You may need to switch their polarity in the next step.


7) Reattach the bulb holders to their loom plug, complete with the new Multi-directional Superbright LEDs. DONT twist lock them back into the bootlid yet. Leave them hanging. The below image shows what I mean, and shows the comparison between stock halogen, and StreetFX LEDs.


8) Turn your headlights on and go back to the boot and check both the LEDs are lighting up. If not, unplug the LED from the holder, and turn it 180 degrees to switch polarity. It should now work.

9) Now that both LEDs are working, twist lock the holders into place.

10) Reverse the disassembly process, by locating the plastic clips and pushing them into place.








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