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Found 7 results

  1. **** TO PURCHASE THESE AND OTHER 86 RELATED ITEMS CLICK HERE **** http://streetfx.com.au/store/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=193 Well it's finally done! We have successfully installed the first plate bracket onto our own member's car. IT IS UNKNOWN IF THIS WILL FIT THE BRZ AT THIS POINT! Anyone who has an 86 would know just how god awful (and ridiculously massive) the standard plate bracket is.. So here is what we have instead: The bracket is manufactured from high grade HDPE, right here in Australia, with mounting components imported from the UK. No cheap china stuff, and supports Australian business It is fairly basic in design, but means that it is nowhere near the $118 the other places are charging for their metal plate holders, which actually STILL protrude from around the number plates if you have a plate less than 6 characters long. What is included? 2x square locating nuts (these are pressed into the rear face of the mount) 1x HDPE bracket (countersunk front locating holes and CNC milled rear face) 2x Zinc plated rust proof 6mm philips head machine screws/bolts CLICK THE PICS FOR FULL SIZE! You must be logged in to view these images.. Here is the stock bracket: Firstly remove your stock plate. Remove the stock plate bracket bolts. There are four, as shown in this image. This will show the gaping holes that are behind the plate mount. This is one of the reasons we went with this design. Other slimline plate bracket mounts protrude from the bar and you can still see the stock gaping holes. We wanted to eliminate this completely, so we designed them with this in mind. Ours completely covers up these holes and sits totally flush against the bar. HANDY TIP: The locating nuts are press fitted into the back of the bracket, however if you push on them when you try to locate the bolt you may dislodge them. Make sure the locating nuts are sitting firmly in the rear. You can ensure this by sticking a small length of tape across the rear just to make sure you dont accidentally push them in when trying to locate the bolts into the numberplate, otherwise you could end up having to unbolt the bracket and grab the locating nut. If you do accidentally push them in, dont fear, they only fall onto the foam in the bar, so they can be recovered very easily. It's more just an annoyance thing. You can see the nuts in this pic we showed just before as well: The factory clips remain in place, they have a nut on the reverse side which we will use to locate the StreetFX mount. Now simply use the supplied bolts with the large philips head face into the factory locating nuts. Now attach your plate, using the stock plate screws (personally I would like to use black bolts, but I didnt have any handy). And you are done! Here are some pics of various plates attached: Note: for qld prestige plates, we trialled a second set of holes as you can see in the production bracket above. These are not actually required and may be deleted on the production model. You can actually use the standard location, and your plate will sit a little higher than pictured.
  2. Hey guys, Since things are heating up over here and the car has undergone some significant changes, and even more to come, I have started a new thread. You will need to be logged in to see the pictures. Click the icon to enlarge them I will recap some of the previous mods but will focus mostly on what is coming. I will also link to any DIYs and product supplies throughout the build, as well as where we got specific work done, as a number of companies put in a lot of time and effort helping us get this car set up, which we greatly appreciate! The engine is currently at the builders getting sleeved, forged lower compression pistons, forged rods, and a bunch of other work which I will get pictures of as soon as the internals arrive from overseas. A lot of the parts listed in this build are available from our store here: http://streetfx.com.au/store/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=193 Picture of current vehicle status (20-January, car painted - but it will be getting repainted as I have changed my mind about the final colour finish, test fitting rims): Last "car still together" picture prior: Anyway, here is a list of modifications to date (updated 12-Oct-2013) 2012 Toyota 86 GTS AVO Turbo kit AVO Dump pipe AVO front mount intercooler Perrin cold air intake EcuTek ECU with AVO stage 1 tune MCA "Red Series" coilovers Invidia titanium tipped exhaust Invidia front pipe/cat Perrin overpipe HKS Oil cooler kit BRZ Side fender garnishes Concave concepts CC03 19x9.5in rims Toyo Proxes R888 235/35/19 semi slicks StreetFX slimline license plate bracket StreetFX LED upgrade (inside and out\ AP Racing brakes front and rear Cusco Front strut brace Cusco Rear Strut brace Cusco front and rear tow hooks Perrin transmission support mount TRD Bodykit (front/side/rear/boot lip) 24LED License plate light modules CaFi 62100 Android head unit with OBD2 interface Valenti "SG" Tail lights Valenti "SG" foglight/reverse light with StreetFX brakelight modification Beatsonic sharkfin roof antenna StreetFX chrome mirror indicator bulbs Hertz 3-way front splits Hertz 10" sub in Hertz box Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) interfaced with head unit video feed Mongoose reverse camera JPM Coachworks instrument gauge cluster cover Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit Purchased but not yet fitted: Spare engine currently being built (sleeved, forged low comp pistons, forged rods, balanced and blueprinted etc) JPM Coachworks handbrake boot JPM Coachworks gear boot JPM Coachworks speaker surrounds JPM Coachworks kneepads Seibon Carbon Fibre bonnet Rocket Bunny Wing TRD 2 way LSD Cusco rear camber arms FBM V-Band turbo manifold FBM slimline fans FBM dump pipe FBM Intercooler piping Injector Dynamics ID1000 1000cc injectors with adapters AVO Catch can and PCV Forgestar custom wheels (19in street) CC02 custom wheels (18in track) Tial V-Band 44mm wastegate Tial BOV Beatrush catch can (I dont like the look of the AVO one) Fuel pump Koyo Radiator Bayside Autostyling 10in subwoofer enclosures (one for each side of the boot) ​GFB Lightweight pulley set Greddy Evo 3 Exhaust Motiv Concepts overpipe Pair of Hertz 10in subs for boot install Things still required/not decided on: Final ECU Solution Intercooler Turbocharger selection Seibon CSL style Bootlid May change to 5x114.3 with an adapter kit List of contributors to the project: Option 1 Garage MVP Motorsports CarMods Australia Import Monster Solar Style Window Tinting NorthShore Toyota AudioExpress Brisbane MCA suspension Camerons Bodyworks OnTheRun Motorsports Hertz Audio Full Blown Motorsports Bayside Autostyling GFB Australia Things I liked along the way: The turbo kit, even at 4psi gave the car MASSIVE boost to driving joy, while not blindingly fast, it made the car feel like it should have from stock. Mountain driving in 3rd/4th gear instead of downshifting to 2nd constantly The help offered by all the companies listed above, especially Option 1 Garage who has had to put up with me turning up repeatedly trying to last minute tweaks to the car every now and then Also MVP Motorsports in the USA who have been bending over backwards to try express ship us parts for the new stage. Achilles 123S tyres = WICKED for the price! I love the MCA Suspension, massive thanks to Josh and Murray Coote, you guys rock Things I have found along the journey that I dont like: Perrin overpipe (even after modification) fouls the cross member and vibrates against it (annoying!) Invidia Exhaust tips sit too far in when coupled with the TRD rear bar The exhaust setup really needs a flex pipe or something, we have blown out gaskets and now the car sounds like a truck The invidia and perrin exhaust parts are not directly compatible, we had to kind of rejig the components to fit to each other (different types of flanges) Removing the stock fog light assembly is a bitch Without a catch can, the turbo kit causes blow-by and oil in the intake, upon research it would seem the factory PCV (crankcase valve) is not boost compatible, so this should be changed. My ABS/Traction/Stability randomly turns off - could be related to the EcuTek or the When I bought the AVO Turbo kit, it took a day to get MRT to unlock the license for the AVO tune (frustrating when I was trying to get the car on the road, would have been nice if the tune was unlocked as soon as it had sold). Toyota Motor Australia have terrible customer service - the car has a few quirks that they refused to acknowledge right at the start, these include - faltering idle, passenger window auto scroll sometimes doesnt work, the direct injection pump 'cricket chirp', to name a few. I hate the factory 'idiot proof' navigation that doesnt let you set a destination while the car is in motion GReddy took FKN FOREVER to ship the Rocket Bunny kit (waited 6 months from date of payment) The Invidia exhaust is too quiet for my liking, also the diameter of pipes narrower than I would have liked for a turbo application 9/July/2012: Stock, this is the day I picked the innocent little thing up.. Little did she know what was in for her As soon as we got the car, we changed little things like the interior/exterior lights, badges, changed to BRZ garnishes and of course ditched that horrible factory license plate bracket etc.. We also changed to LED indicators to get rid of the orange.. We now run chrome indicator bulbs instead of LEDs on the front/side. We also now run 24LED replacement numberplate light modules, as some people complained that personalised plates with frames obstructed the factory lights. DIY Installation guides for some of these parts are available here: [DIY] Installing the StreetFX slimline numberplate mount/bracket 86 GTS / BRZ 6000k HID upgrade with Philips D4S (no more hint of yellow, plus brighter!) License Plate LED light upgrade, step by step guide (GT and GTS) Boot/Trunk LED light upgrade, step by step guide (GT and GTS) DIY 86 GT GTS ZN6 BRZ reverse lights - LED bulb conversion DIY: Toyota (GT86 FT86) GT, GTS, 86, Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ LED indicator blinker and flasher upgrade The day after we picked up the car, it went to Solar Style window tinting to get paint/interior protection and some custom tint. Next it went to Option 1 Garage for a set of coilovers (BC Racing, later switched to MCA) and rims. Then the car went to Audio Express. Hertz kindly supplied us with some awesome audio gear (amp, splits and sub), and Chris (Audio Express) installed it all along with a reverse camera, and the TPMS system: Then came the TRD bodykit from Import Monster, which was fitted by Cammo at Cameron's bodyworks: DIY guide for TRD spoiler installation here: DIY - TRD Spoiler installation, pictorial guide We were approached by MCA Suspension who wanted to test some new suspension on the car, so Josh Coote, put together a nice package for us. We currently have MCA Red suspension on it (although it is in the blue housing at the moment). With this suspension in it, Josh took the car around lakeside for testing, and we were pretty happy with the 1.03 lap times, for an otherwise stock car. We then sourced some Cusco strut braces via Jesse Streeter in Japan, and fitted them: DIY Guide for cusco braces here: Installation of Cusco Strut braces (pics) Next the engine needed addressing.. Stock the car made 108rwkw, here is a stock dyno sheet: It was always going to need more power, so we grabbed one of the first AVO turbo kits available in Australia, from "Car Mods Australia". This was fitted by Option 1 Garage over the course of a day. While we were at it, we got the Invidia and Perrin exhaust parts from CarmodsAustralia as well: When adding a turbo (extra heat), it's always good to upgrade the cooling system, so we got a HKS oil cooler from "Northshore Toyota" (a vendor on here). We also upgraded the brakes to AP Racing: AP Racing vs stock: Fitted (by option 1 garage): Not much changed on the car for a while due to work commitments and delays in supplies of parts. Due to not fitting the catch can/PCV we held off from taking the car to the track since it has been turbocharged, as we had still been using the vehicle for daily driving. During the downtime, we purchased a spare motor which was stripped down so the engine builder (JHH Engineering) could assess what would and would not be needed. It was not long before it was revealed that these are an open deck block, and would easily throw a rod through the side at the power levels we wanted if we did not strengthen it. We were initially going to just jam some forged rods/pistons in but JHH strongly advised that we should sleeve the block as well as run forged low comp pistons and forged rods. Here are some pics of the stock engine/head/pistons: Not much happened from here on, but we did a few minor tweaks like add this CaFi 62100 head unit that interfaces with the OBD2 port on the car, as well as have wifi/3g capabilities to surf the net and facebook while driving Then we change the tail lights to Valenti SG Smoked: DIY Guides for the valenti mods here: DIY: Modifying the VALENTI to for parking "V" AND brake FLASHER (F1 race style) DIY: Installing aftermarket (Valenti) FOG/Reverse lights (remove/refit) We were a little bored of the old wheels so we figured since the new rims we wanted were 19s, the old Achilles 123S tyres could say goodbye in style: We switched the old rims to these wicked looking concave CC03's.. They measure 19x9.5 and make the car look more aggressive: Update: 12-Oct-2013: The car is due to go into Cameron's Bodyworks to get the widebody kit fitted in 2 weeks. This is going to be molded in (not tacked on). We are presently waiting on the engine to be finished, so that will most likely go in shortly after the wide body is fitted. Updates to come shortly with the "good stuff" eg when the factory bodywork gets hacked off :S Update: 14-Oct-2013: Rocket Bunny kit finally arrived (took 6 months since date ordered argh!). First thing you notice is just how deep the wing is!! It's like 50cm front to back, its so aggressive and massive haha So as of next week, the cutting starts.. EEEK!! Update: 22-Oct-2013: TRD kit has been removed, front guards and bars are now off.. The work is underway.. Eeek. Love the message from Cammo (at the panel shop). My new turbo manifold and parts of the bigger turbo upgrade have arrived.. ID1000 injectors, vband manifold, recirculating dump pipe, and a bunch of other goodies now added to the pile. Update: 23-Oct-2013: First cuts to the car commence, no turning back now :S New inner guards will be made to mate to the widebody, ensuring that no dirt/dust/mud/rust can get into the guards. Rear windows removed as well, since half the car will need to be repainted. Video of the cutting click here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=213395258834797&set=vb.384370964959763&type=2&theater Update: 24-Oct-2013: Inner guards have been mocked up and will be made and attached later (first pic shows this). Widebody guard bolted/riveted/glued onto the panel, panels being sanded and prepped ready to mold the widebody into the factory panels. New inner guard fabricated.
  3. OK guys, this is a STREET FX Exclusive Before I start, these are HAND MADE, and are made in batches of 50. Stock is replenished every week, so there may be a short wait for your order. 86 forum members price is $35 plus shipping, I am sorry to say shipping prices went up substantially, we actually lost money on the first batches - the pillows wont fit into the $10 registered or express post bags, so we need to fit them in the large size. Shipping is $15.. Anyway, here's the "Ad" part: Ebay link for non forum members: http://www.ebay.com.....m=180893516608 ----------------------- LARGE "NOS" NITROUS OXIDE BOTTLE N2O NOVELTY PILLOW CUSHION PLUSH TOY - 550mm tall PERFECT GIFT!! Styled around a REAL Nitrous bottle, this pillow will give your back seat, your couch, your bed or any other location you can desire, an extra 200hp Just for laughs Makes an EXCELLENT gift! We are the exclusive sellers of this product worldwide!! Please note that there is a short wait on delivery on these items as this is a SPECIAL ORDER low production item, so they come in batches. We DO have stock at the moment though. Put it on your couch, between the seats of your car, in the boot, or at the head of your bed, This is sure to be a talking point for a long time to come! A brilliant and unique gift, you know nobody will EVER have already gotten, considering these are EXCLUSIVE to Street FX! This item is shipped via Registered Trackable Post. Physical Construction: Plush blue, white and red, with high quality internal padding (pillow material) Dimensions: Approx 550mm tall (around 2 foot high) Pick up available from our store in NEWSTEAD QLD. -------- How to purchase? Ebay link for non forum members: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ws/eBayIS...m=180893516608 1) Pay us! Use this link if you need to use paypal (slightly more expensive): http://streetfx.com.au/store/index.p...oduct_id=30146 AMOUNT: $35 (pickup), add $15 for shipping (within Australia) Account Name: Street FX PTY LTD BSB Number: 084223 Account Number: 892343286 Please use "86" plus your username as the deposit reference 2) Be sure to email us (to [email protected]) with the title "SF: NOS PILLOW" straight after payment is done along. The email should contain: * Your Forum Name (if you are not a forum member, you dont get the discount) * Your Real Name * Your address * Your with the receipt info so we can identify the payment Thanks guys!
  4. Yo This is something that may appeal to most of you car owners. We sell car interior LED dome conversion kits, essentially these kits replace the OEM bulb in your interior light, which generally have a yellow tinge and gives your car a 1950's feel. So why buy this kit? Well this kit uses super white bright LEDS, which generally use less power than a conventional bulb, not that power consumption is a big deal anyway. But these kits will illuminate your interior by up 40% more than your generic OEM bulb. Plus they are easy to install! Just look at the difference!! Final result And the difference between the stock bulb (left) and our kits (right). And not to worry if you think your car will have different fittings ie. wedge type, bayonet type etc etc. Our kits come with all the different type of light fittings! So they will always fit your car no matter what interior bulb fitting yours is!! These kits are available through our eBay store. Click here for the eBay listing StreetFX
  5. So you have a JDM car and want to complete the JDM look? The perfect solution are these plates!! They can be used for many things, such as photoshoots, streetmeets, show and shine meets, cruises, or simply to put on your wall and they are completely customisable! Made onto 3mm thick material these items are perfect for track, drift, show and drag days where you dont want to display your real numberplates Traditionally Jap plates have 2 characters on the top and 4 on the bottom with a dash, however we can customise up to three letters on the top line and 6 letters on the bottom line. Issued individually, not in pairs. Simply write your request at time of checkout. We will let you know if there are any design problems prior to commencing manufacture. Here are some samples Perfect for your showcar, or a show and shine meet. They are available here. StreetFX
  6. These items are a full set with custom numbers to suit, reflective yellow front number, 2x large white or black side numbers (you must specify this when you checkout), 2x surnames and 1x full size CAMS approved decal set. Forget worrying about trying to find someone who knows the rules and regulations because these have been made to specifically comply with the CAMs regulations. Also with the decal kit, there will be no more rushing to find blue electrical tape to make that battery triangle on race day! Get this kit and do it properly! Made from 5-7 year outdoor vinyl it will be sure to last longer than the race car itself! WHATS IN THIS KIT: 1x yellow front windscreen number 2x white or black large side numbers (you must choose colour) 2x surnames 1x CAMs approved race decal set Physical Construction: 5 year yellow & 5-7 year premium outdoor white vinyl, printed with solvent based ink, computer cut. Dimensions: CAMS approved decal sizing ****Link here**** Photos of the kit... StreetFX
  7. Yo, For people who don't know, we are a Brisbane based company who develop primarily motorsport decals for the motorsport enthusiast! We design and create small decals from tyre placards to large custom stickers! We are Australian owned and operated so support your local businesses! We generally ship our decals locally and worldwide, we accept cash on pickup, paypal, or bank deposit. To find out more about us, or find out when you can claim free stickers off us; 'like' us on Facebook by clicking here. Some things we sell include: Stickers / custom made / premade Tail light tint LED lights for dashboard conversion kits / numberplate lights / parkers / interior dome lights FULL digital HID conversion kits, we carry most stock on our shelves but just to be sure please shoot us an e-mail just incase we are short on a certain type Apparel Soft goods and novelty toys Carbon wrap And the list goes on..!! Be sure to keep an eye out because soon we will be stocking some carbon goods in the near future to suit 86's Be sure to check us out. If there are any questions or quotes you would like to know, please don't hesitate to shoot an email to [email protected] StreetFX Online Store StreetFX eBay store Kind regards,
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