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Found 2 results

  1. HIGH GRADE quality 5D Gloss Carbon Fiber | THIS DOESNT TURN ORANGE OR PEEL OVERTIME Most wrapping shops dont stock this high gloss one, If they do they will charge you 3 times this price for it! High Quality Carbon Vinyl - ROOF SIZE - $89 (1.52x1.20) metres - BONNET SIZE - $89 - INTERIOR TRIM AND EXTERIOR MIRROR SIZE - $25 (1.52m x 30cm) Use a hair dryer and install | VERY EASY Payments via Paypal
  2. Hi Guys, I've been lurking around here for a few months but havent contributed anything yet, thought it was about time! a few months back I bought my first real car, 2013 WR Blue BRZ. I had a fair few things in mind that I wanted to do to it. I often searched for people doing the exact mods that I wanted to do, but sometimes couldn't find the right thread, so hopefully this may help anyone that is looking to do these mods. Just thought I'd upload what I have done so far. Here's how it looked when I first got it. The first thing I changed was the roof. I wrapped the roof panel with Gloss black Avery Vinyl Wrap. I could have gone Matte but decided the gloss would match the shininess of the car and looked better IMO. I got a friend of mine to help with the application, we removed the aerial and side tracks and did a wet application. it was a little time consuming because I'm so fussy and if there were any imperfections I had to fix them. Because my model didn't come with a shark fin antenna, I bought an after market one off eBay for $20, wasn't the BRZ/86 specific model though, still not sure if it's too big/if I like it. At least I can change it later if I want... It works though! I tried vinyl wrapping the silver dash panel because I hate the look of that plastic silver panel (and there were some small scratches on it) It worked for a while but it was only cheap vinyl so after a few weeks it started to bubble and separate around where the Head unit sits... I Also wrapped the handles on the doors, they came out nice though, they are staying.. After this I decided it was time to give Plasti dipping a go. I bought 4 cans of black, one glossifier and one flex blue, planning on doing the wheels black (couldnt afford new rims) and some interior bits n' pieces... I did the wheels and re-did the dash panels/some extra bits.. Took me a few goes and i re did 2 of the wheels with some extra plasti dip left over. I word of advice if you're looking at doing this... Take your time! I rushed it the first time, sprayed too much on the first layers, and took it straight out and drove it (rookie error) it bubbled and peeled off 2 wheels. Do your research on how to do wheels properly before doing it. (the last photo has tire shine on it) Here's some more little bits and pieces I have plasti dipped (tried to do before, during and after. Apologies for the ones at night!) Still want to add: An aftermarket head unit, doesn't need to have navigation, just touchscreen... I'm open to suggestion, provided it is not too pricey! Aftermarket STI lip kit with rear diffuser Led front fog lights Valenti smoked tail lights with bottom "V" panel New Mats (the stock ones are just woeful) At the moment its just exterior/aesthetics because in all honesty I dont know too much about what's under the hood, but and slowly learning and am keen to get to know more! More to come... P.S. I reeeealllly want to change the stitching colour from red to blue, but I'm not sure how possible this is, short of re-upholstering the entire interior.. If anyone has any advice please send it my way!!
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