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Found 15 results

  1. Wanting to buy a Invidia N1 cat back exhaust with Invidia catted front pipe for my Toyota GTS 86. 1. With the catted front pipe will it make it legal?? 2. With the silences that come with the cat back exhaust how much quieted will the car be and will be still be legal? 3. What exhausts are out there that will sound good that are still legal? Thanks probably a stupid question but just wanting to know
  2. $80, or nearest offer. Stock muffler and cut midpipe from 2013 model Toyota 86. Taken from original vehicle to accommodate exhaust upgrade at around 43'000km / 1 year 3 months from purchase. Can arrange pick up from Southern Sydney area. Unable to upload images due to server error.
  3. Sweet ride looking for new owner to love her. I have put in custom HKS exhaust and tuning parts (first to have them imported to Oz when 86's were released), fully adjustable coil over suspension with cambre adjust, high volume cold air intake. Also done the 19 inch staggered black rims. She's metallic blue and only done 46000. No track work (unfortunately), but is ready to spin. PLs contact 0447920820 if you're interested or pass on to anyone who may be interested. $22.5k ono. Lots of pics available.
  4. Hey everyone, Just about to install PSR UEL Headers onto the car, long story short I had an 86 before this one with the same headers on it. That car was throwing the check engine due to the o2 sensor. This time around, I am wanting to purchase the o2 spacer and install at time of exhaust installation. Here is my problem, I'm a little unsure of which o2 spacers I can buy, are they just all interchangeable on all spec cars? Does the 86 have a specific sensor fitment? If anyone has a link to an o2 spacer that worked for them that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey guys, I have owned an 86 for 5 months and it's by far the best decision I made in my life. Brings a smile on me face everytime I drive. I need your help with two things - the exhaust system, and speakers Exhaust - I want the car to have a deeper note - make it sound more aggressive. I have looked into exhaust systems, uel headers, muffler delete etc, however I end up getting confused! Please suggest a good combination. My budget is a $1000. Not looking for more HP specifically, but won't mind a few gains either Speakers- probably the only thing I'm disappointed about the car. Tried playing around the EQ settings but that didn't help much. Please suggest an upgrade/tweak. Budget $200. Also it's my first post, welcome to all suggestions! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, I'm wanting to get an exhaust but I have a few difficulties. I have the Toyota GTS86 Blackline edition so I have the TRD garnishes and therefore I would like to get a quad tip exhaust but I don't know where to start looking. My budget isn't that big either... Let's say around the 1k mark. The exhausts I've seen that are quad tips are the Blitz C-Ti Quad Tips Exhaust (waaay out my budget), the TRD high response muffler ver.R(also out my budget), the HKS legamax sports quad tip (only slightly louder than stock) I've also considered the Invidia N1 being closer to my budget, but I'm not too sure it will look good with the TRD garnish. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaCImky5CfE&feature=youtu.be&list=PLA2r9oStRLJVXHo0Z7c0z_a4O_lwkunP3 We have been working with international exhaust manufactures and retailers as an OEM manufacturer for several years. “GO-Sheng” is our brand new brand since 2014.The characteristics of GOS system are base on our several years of experience on OEM products. We transforming vehicles and giving them a new sense of purpose. This Toyota 86, for instance, got the GOS F1 exhaust&intake system installed. Full stainless steel valvetronic exhaust system providing an Ironman-esque boost to the vehicle's performance. Smoother and increased expulsion of exhaust fumes accelerate the cycle, pushing hp and torque way up. Unobstructed flow and the pinging off the stainless steel create a full and sporty sound, that'll have people turn their heads and gasping. Stainless Steel System: SUS304 Stainless Steel | Flawless TIG Weld | Durability Unquestioned | Lighter Than Stock | Deep/Full Exhaust Note ADVANCED VALVETRONIC SYSTEM Valves Opened (Race Mode): Improved Low Level Tone | Amplified Mid-Range Note | Increased High Pitch Acoustic | Sharper/Crisper Sound | Noticeable BHP Gain | Low&Mid Range Torque Upgrade | Responsiveness of Throttle | Improved Efficiency | Unobstructed Exhaust Flow Valves Closed (Street Mode): Maintain Low Profile | Everyday Driving Official website:http://go-sheng.weebly.com/ FB:https://www.facebook.com/GSTexhaust YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO81dJGvH-5nfpZa70GmynQ IG:https://www.instagram.com/gos.f1exhaust/ Email:[email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> We are considering expanding our products to new markets and we would appreciate you assistance. We can explore the possibility of establishing a mutually acceptable business relationship. Contact us for further details.
  8. After Invidia Q300 or something similar. Based in Sydney.
  9. Hi guys, my name is Jay living in south brisbane. I have 86 gts and intending to upgrade exhaust and ECU tunning. Firstly, I want to increase horse power and willing to do everything except for turbo/supercharger upgrade. *Exhasut *intake *ECU CHIP/TUNE *Lower spring *Brake they are the list that im going to upgrade on my 86 I have never done thoes before and have no much information about the car tuning. As my first two priority from the list are exhasut and ECU tuning, can you guys give me suggestion and recommend shop somewhere close from rochedale? Also does anyone have done ECU tuning and how much power does it increase? also how much? p.s plz recommend me bodykit fitting shop in brisbane thanks thank you
  10. Regrettably for sale is my 2013 Toyota 86 GTS. I have owned the car since new and it has been an absolute joy owning and driving the car. Car was purchased from NorthPoint Toyota Hillcrest on North East Road in March 2013 and has never had any issues.The 86 was purchased with the colour Pegasus White (Pearl White) which looks absolutely stunning from any angle, especially when in the sun. Other options that were purchased from the dealer, when new, are: - Tinted windows at 35% all round (lowest legal tint), which have a life-time warranty. - Ceramic paint protection, which includes a 20 year warranty against paint bubbling, fading or discolouration. - 3 Year/150,000km Extended Factory Warranty, the car still has 1 year left of its original warranty and once that is complete the extended factory warranty starts and goes for another 3 years or up until 150,000km The car is always serviced on time at the dealer and also had its oil changed at the 1000km inspection service, which was requested by me, as I believe all new engines should have their oil changed at this time due to metal shavings in the oil from wear on new engines. Also at the 1000km engine oil change a magnetic sump plug was fitted to collect and hold any fine metal filings/fragments from the wear of the new engine. The car has only travelled 11,500km, most of which have been highway/freeway kms and easily gets 500km to a tank of fuel. More kms could be obtained from a tank of fuel if driven very lightly. Only BP Ultimate 98 octane fuel has ever been used since day 1. Car has always been taken care of and washed regularly as I treat all my cars like a baby. During my ownership of the 86 I have added a few aftermarket accessories to give the car that extra edge it was missing from factory. The following are the aftermarket accessories fitted to the car: - Invidia N1 Titanium Tipped 2.5" cat-back exhaust (Gives a great note with out being stupidly loud) - Apexi Hi-Flow panel air filter - Grazio & Co matte black Toyota emblem badges - Subaru BRZ side fender garnish/vent - Beatsonic shark-fin antenna (colour coded - Pegasus White) - TOM's clear L.E.D taillights - TRD petrol filler cap - TRD oil filler cap (made from billet steel) - TRD radiator cap - TRD green sound tube - Cusco carbon fibre front strut tower brace bar, with brake master cylinder stopper - Beatrush rear strut tower brace bar (does not need cutting of carpet like other brands do) - Phillips 6000K HID headlight globes (gives a whiter, brighter light) - L.E.D front fog lamps - L.E.D number plate lights - L.E.D reverse lights - 86 steering wheel badge - Greddy magnetic sump plug The above accessories really give the car a unique look and it gets looks everywhere it goes, while the exhaust and strut brace bars really make the car sound and perform much better than factory. I also have a few parts which haven't been put on the car as I haven't had time to do, these parts will be go with the car if sold for the right price: - Centre console arm rest mould (just needs to have leather or alacantra applied to it and its ready to go) - Navigation & Phone lock bypass (Allows driver to use the navigation & phone while driving instead of needing to be stopped) - Clear front and side/fendor indicator globes - Couple black interior bits (was planning on changing silver interior bits to black and carbon fibre parts but never got around to doing it) Also have original parts such as the exhaust, taillights (quite expensive items), antenna etc etc, which can go with the new owner if they want them. Car is priced at $34,900. I am slightly negotiable but please don't bother offering ridiculous offers, I am in no rush to sell this beautiful car. **Please Note** car will not be sold with premuim XX number plates. Standard issue plates will be fitted to the car prior to sale. Feel free to call, sms or email me and inspections are welcomed. Please contact Vince on - Mobile: 0432183021 Carsales ad link: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-86-2013/SSE-AD-3192602/?Cr=11&sdmvc=1
  11. Hi, since the stock headers have catalytic converters fitted will fitting non catted aftermarket unit make the car unroadworthy and is it something that would be picked up on? I'll be keeping the cat in the front pipe and tuning to run on E85 so fingers crossed should still come under the emissions laws. Just aren't many catted options for headers and new PTUNING units look amazing. Currently in South Australia but I'm in defence and will hopefully be back in Queensland on my next posting if the laws vary state to state. Cheers for any help that can be given.
  12. hi guys i would like to know two things. 1) will all aftermarket exhaust fit 86 from adm, jdm to usdm versions ? meaning they all bolt up in the same spot? 2) HAS anyone got the Megan 4" Dual Titanium pipes cat back exhaust system ? I want to know if this fits australian spec 86's as i love the sound of this system. as seen here. any help is much appreciated . Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, welcome to AK Racing. Thought we would start off with a little bit about who we are, and what we do. We are a Brisbane based company who specialise in the tuning of Mitsubishi Evolution and CJ Lancers, with tuning for the 86 right around the corner! We are also now the exclusive Australian Distributor for Ultimate-Racing exhausts and performance parts. We have just placed our first order with UR and are expecting stock to arrive in Brisbane around mid October. We have the following systems ordered with a great special for 86 forums members. 3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust - Resonated to remove highway drone Quality 304 Stainless Steel Piping 3" Mufflers with straight through design Complete Bolt-On design for RHD vehicles 4" Single Wall Straight cut tips Pick up in Brisbane (Nation wide freight available, PM us with your address for a quote) $1138 with Tax Invoice and Full UR 5 Year Warranty. The above exhaust can also be ordered with 4" Titanium Single wall tips for an extra $200 **All prices we quote are in Australian Dollars unless stated otherwise. (Titanium finish shown in the pic below). Along with the Exhausts, AK Racing wants to be your first port of call for all items you need for your car. Filters, Fluids, Brake pads and discs, Headlight globe upgrades, and anything else you can think of. You want it? We'll get it! Just ask! Any questions you have, feel free to post up, PM, Email, or Call us! We are new to this forum, so be gentle haha! Thanks for your time Alan and Keith AK Racing Unit 3 / 3 Deakin St Brendale, Brisbane, 4500 [email protected] (07) 3889 8686
  14. Hi all, As the title says have got the stock exhaust from cat back for sale. Taken off the car at 6000kms. Cheers, Saul
  15. Hi guys and gals, I am putting up for sale my Agency Power catback exhaust, which is brand new still in its wrapping.. I bought the exhaust with the intentions on putting it on my 86 but have now changed my mind and am looking at putting some wheels on it first so the exhaust has to go.. I paid a tad over $1100 for this exhaust delivered but am willing to sell it off for $1000 firm!! Located in Adelaide. Please PM if interested couldnt upload actual picture from my phone.. how it looks on the car (from the net) from the net too
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