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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I bought my 2014 86 GTS in December last year. Very good condition with 53xxx on it at the time. It has now done 55600 km. Just want to know if this idle sound, sounds okay? When the Car is stopped at a traffic light and radio volume not really loud can hear the idle sound inside the car, a bit. Is this normal? Iv read about chirping and crickets but not sure if this is the issue. Another sound I noticed recently was somewhere at the rear of the car. Sometimes when turn right at an intersection, while turning I press a bit hard on the accelerator when im in 2nd gear. This would very slightly screech the tyres for about a second. Last time I tried this, a grinding sound came from the rear of the car. I am worried and dont know what this could be. Overall the car is driving fine with no issues, however The gear slightly vibrates when idle but this seems normal. VID-20200227-WA0000.mp4 VID-20200227-WA0001.mp4
  2. Hi, I've got a Toyota 86, with no engine. The main bearings went, and caused piston number 4 to hit the valves, unsure about the state and repairing it. We were looking at getting the engine completely rebuilt with forged internals, for boost. But that ended up being really expensive, 8K for engine rebuild, 2k for install and tune, and about another 8K for a super charger. So then we were looking at just getting a second hand engine, I found some on Gumtree for 2.5-3.5K. The install of the engine was quoted to be $440 without tuning, which a stock engine wouldn't need. So then we thought, well we could just super charge the stock engine for a decent price. We found this http://www.sprintex.com.au/frsbrz/. So then its about 1.8K for engine install and tune. (Confidyne in Ulverstone would do the install, and MRT would remotely tune it). Or we could do one of the preset tunes that are available with it, which would be cheaper again. We've got a budget of about 10K, but want to spend as little as possible. It would be nice to gain some performance, say with a supercharger. We're not sure what to do? Just throw in a second hand engine for cheap, leave it stock? Supercharge it? repair the old engine? Supercharge it? We want some opinions of what the community think?
  3. Hey guys. So I'll start from the start. Late 2014 I purchased a brand new Toyota automatic 86 from a Toyota dealership which I will not name. Since day one I had issues with the car. Burning smells coming from the engine bay, bolts, small plastics coming loose etc which Toyota fixed happily. Fast track a bit over a year when I hit 43,000 -44,500 kilometers my entire transmission failed, the cause was never identified but they simply stated that the transmission oil was burned out and there was no signs of abuse on the car from the ECU chip reading so they agreed to fix it. Now for this work my car had to be transferred to a completely different dealership because they were the only ones who could perform this transmission work. During this whole process I was without a car for over a month. I was constantly going into the service department every few days to check up on the progress since I was working a few kilometers from the service department during the time. On the 3rd or 4th visit I spoke to an employee of the service department and asked why it is taking so long to do the necessary work. He explained to me that the parts had to be shipped from Japan which is why its taking so long and he said due to the inconvenience of not having a car for such a long period of time they will do the 45,000KM service free of charge as a sort of compensation for the inconvenience this whole ordeal caused me. 2 weeks later I received a call from the service department telling me my car was ready to pick up. When I arrived I was given the keys and an invoice of the transmission work done to my car. During the time I was just happy to get my car back and get out out of there. 6 months later my car has almost done 61,000 KM. I call up the dealership I originally purchased my car from to book it in for a service. Due to being busy the only available date for me to take it in was 3 weeks after I made the phone call. During those 3 weeks I traveled roughly another 2000KM due to traveling long distances for work. 4 days before I was about to take the car in for a service the engine started making knocking noise. I continued to drive another 2km to pull into a safe spot, I rang Toyota and mentioned this and said I am bringing it earlier than the scheduled date. The man I spoke with said its most likely something loose and If there is no power loss, transmission slipping etc it would be ok to drive (none of which I was experiencing when this happened). Upon taking it in Toyota it was discovered the 45,000 complimentary service the other dealership had promised was never performed and the engine was now fried due to oil starvation. The book was not stamped, there was no documentation whatsoever of this. I relied on the information that employee gave me as a consumer, I did not deliberately miss a service or fail to service my car, but a Toyota employee did at my expense and misfortune. Now its been almost a month and a half of going back and forth with the warranty people. Warranty does not cover damages done if the car failed due to lack of servicing. They are stating they want documented proof of this service being provided before they can agree to fix the issue. I have contacted the dealer where the work was done and asked to speak to that one employee who said they will provide the service but he no longer works there. I asked if there was anyway if they could get into contact with him and the answer I was given was no. I have been contacting Toyota customer support but it just seems like nothing much is getting done since it's dealing with two dealerships, the warranty person, the missing employee and the Toyota customer service officer. The dealership would not even provide me with a car because they said it was reserved for customers who bring their car in for servicing. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening? I have a solid record of taking in the 86 for the 1,000 complementary service, 15,000 and and 30,000.
  4. Hi I am currently wrecking a toyota 86 i have most parts available atm 2000 kms on the clock I am located in Sydney Shipping and postage available around the country . Contact me via email or phone 0448 792 578 [email protected] Regards BASSAM
  5. Technical information Paint colours and codes 37J - Pegasus White 61K - Tornado Grey C7P - Mt Fuji Red D4S - Storm Black D6S - Thunder Silver E8H - Sonic Blue H8R - Velocity Orange Product codes DBA-ZN6-A2A8 Toyota 86 2WD RC 6MT DBA-ZN6-A2B8 Toyota 86 2WD G 6MT DBA-ZN6-A2B7 Toyota 86 2WD G 6AT DBA-ZN6-A2E8 Toyota 86 2WD GT 6MT DBA-ZN6-A2E7 Toyota 86 2WD GT 6AT DBA-ZN6-A2E8(L) Toyota 86 2WD GT limited 6MT DBA-ZN6-A2E7(L) Toyota 86 2WD GT limited 6AT If you have any other useful tech information please post to this thread, and then I will add it to the first post
  6. Some photos of maintenance areas, if you needed reference with anything technical.. heres the thread V mount radiator Undertray of the 86 Tranny mount Strut tops spacer size references Rear suspension assembly Rear suspension assembly (side view) with brake disc
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