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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys. Me, my brother and my friend have started up a car club called FOXTROT-ONE. We accept Muscle Cars (don't need any mods if you have muscle car) and Imports that are 2002+, we accept things like Subaru's, Toyota 86's, Type R's, Skyline R32 and R34's, Evo's and Mazda RX7/8's. Stock rides are OK but you need at least ONE mod. Some of my other mates have thought about joining and painting their cars matte military green, matte black or camo. Colour/Pattern is up to you. We much prefer newer cars such as the Toyota 86 and BRZ, RX8, Genesis Coupe's and the new Subaru WRX. We do not have any stickers as of now, but we will eventually get some. We will have reasonably big stickers for rear windows (probably will fit at the front too), small stickers for rear side windows (the small one) and exterior stickers. Nothing too ricey. We will not accept rice cars, if you have a rice car you will have to send me a picture. There is a 25/100 chance of you getting in. So far, because its just me, my brother and my friend, we have; -Pegasus White Toyota 86 GTS Modded (ME) -Yellow Torana SLR 5000 (May be modded in future) (FRIEND) -White 2011 Subaru WRX Modded (BROTHER) Looking for some Holden HSV's, Ford FPV's and maybe some Mustangs. V10's and V12's have to be requested through me, you have to tell me what car it is. They need to be practical. Australia only. NOTE: When you request, make sure you use this; Full Name: Preferred Nickname: Age: Where are you in Australia: Car: and then put a picture. Thanks! Yours sincerely, Leader of FOXTROT-ONE CC
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