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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Just came across this thread from ft86club forum. http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55590 I really like the front & rear bumpers. Anybody know if this is available? or a way to get it down at a reasonable cost? cheers.
  2. Hi everyone. I just picked up my new 86 GTS yesterday. Very happy with it. It's the updated production that comes with a rear wing. I have had a full TRD kit fitted to it at the dealership, and as a result have a brand new, Pegasus White rear wing that's still wrapped that I need to get rid of. If anyone is keen pleas get in touch with me. I live in Prahran in Melbourne.
  3. Hi, My name is Fahmid Khondaker. I am a 21 year old engineering student currently studying at the University of Queensland. I was born In Bangladesh, and have lived in South Africa for 10 years of my life, and now living in Australia. I am now an Australian Citizen, and definitely proud of it. I love this place, the people, the culture and the beaches! Since a very young age I have always been into my modes of transport. Running, Cycling, long boarding, and driving. I think my passion for modifying things started when I played hours and hours of Need for Speed Underground. It was the first game of its kind that allowed you to change everything about your car (including speakers!). I am sure those of you who have played it know exactly what I am talking about. When I first learnt how to ride a push bike, all I could think about was how to make my bike stand out from the crowed (this was around year 8 – High school). So I started modding it; installed a speedo, and a little bracket where I could mount my mp3 player. I even got lights for my valve caps! The valve caps were stolen within a week :/, and then the bike was stolen from the train station a few years later. I was pretty devastated but luckily I just got my learners license around that time, and shifted my focus from bicycles to cars! Modifying and making my car unique is something that I felt was quite important. I wanted everyone to see; “hey, look, I really like my cars!”. If given the choice I would always buy the model below the top of the range and use that money for making my car unique. (Ideally; I would buy the top of the range and modify that ) Lately, all I tend to do is post photos of cars on facebook every second day. It is a really bad habit, but every time I do a new modification there is always a few photos to go with it. Some of my friends have spoken to me about this, and have basically said that this makes me look like I have the social skills of a potato. So here I am now on the forums letting out all my car related vents! Hope you guys enjoy! 1st car : 1993 Corolla Modifications: Mild Audio mods (head unit, speakers). – couldn’t find any photos! 2nd car: 1998 Audi A3 Modifications: Led tail lights Angel Eyes Xbox Alpine flip out head unit Speakers (subs, amps, etc) 17” Mako Blade wheels I then sold my Audi and thought it was time for a newer car. So I purchased a VW golf 90 Tsi Mk6. Modifications: Rieger Tuning body kit Audio – Pioneer speakers etc, rcd510. Bluefin superchips ECU remap
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