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Found 1 result

  1. CLICK PICS FOR FULL SIZE! Here are the wings at the shop Here is the provided bag with template, foam feet etc. Lining it up against the car, just for fun: Remove the bootliner (GT models dont have this) Now using the template provided mark the holes with a marker Before drilling any holes, just double check the holes line up: Using a centre punch and small hammer, we made a small indent so the drill didnt slip off. You can use masking tape in this step if you like to help, but it wasnt really necessary. Now we drilled small holes, around 3mm. Next using a larger drill, we made holes large enough for the studs. We actually made it slightly larger than needed to give us a little bit of adjustment. Now test fit the wing. Fit the foam sealer pads to the feet near the studs. We used the small vinyl squares in the bag to help us line up the final position of the wing. We had someone push on the spoiler, while marking around the edge with the vinyl squares, on the top and the bottom of the wing. Remove the double sided tape backing from the bottom of the wing. There are several sections, be sure to get them all, especially the ones right at the outer edges of the wing. You will need another two people to help here. Push the wing onto the boot lid, hold the forward edges of the wing up until its lined up perfecting - lining the edges up with the vinyl squares. Once it is aligned push all the edges down, so the double sided tape adheres. After this, attach the provided plastic wing nuts inside the boot lid, onto the studs. And you are done!
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