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Found 4 results

  1. **** TO PURCHASE THESE AND OTHER 86 RELATED ITEMS CLICK HERE **** http://streetfx.com.au/store/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=193 Well it's finally done! We have successfully installed the first plate bracket onto our own member's car. IT IS UNKNOWN IF THIS WILL FIT THE BRZ AT THIS POINT! Anyone who has an 86 would know just how god awful (and ridiculously massive) the standard plate bracket is.. So here is what we have instead: The bracket is manufactured from high grade HDPE, right here in Australia, with mounting components imported from the UK. No cheap china stuff, and supports Australian business It is fairly basic in design, but means that it is nowhere near the $118 the other places are charging for their metal plate holders, which actually STILL protrude from around the number plates if you have a plate less than 6 characters long. What is included? 2x square locating nuts (these are pressed into the rear face of the mount) 1x HDPE bracket (countersunk front locating holes and CNC milled rear face) 2x Zinc plated rust proof 6mm philips head machine screws/bolts CLICK THE PICS FOR FULL SIZE! You must be logged in to view these images.. Here is the stock bracket: Firstly remove your stock plate. Remove the stock plate bracket bolts. There are four, as shown in this image. This will show the gaping holes that are behind the plate mount. This is one of the reasons we went with this design. Other slimline plate bracket mounts protrude from the bar and you can still see the stock gaping holes. We wanted to eliminate this completely, so we designed them with this in mind. Ours completely covers up these holes and sits totally flush against the bar. HANDY TIP: The locating nuts are press fitted into the back of the bracket, however if you push on them when you try to locate the bolt you may dislodge them. Make sure the locating nuts are sitting firmly in the rear. You can ensure this by sticking a small length of tape across the rear just to make sure you dont accidentally push them in when trying to locate the bolts into the numberplate, otherwise you could end up having to unbolt the bracket and grab the locating nut. If you do accidentally push them in, dont fear, they only fall onto the foam in the bar, so they can be recovered very easily. It's more just an annoyance thing. You can see the nuts in this pic we showed just before as well: The factory clips remain in place, they have a nut on the reverse side which we will use to locate the StreetFX mount. Now simply use the supplied bolts with the large philips head face into the factory locating nuts. Now attach your plate, using the stock plate screws (personally I would like to use black bolts, but I didnt have any handy). And you are done! Here are some pics of various plates attached: Note: for qld prestige plates, we trialled a second set of holes as you can see in the production bracket above. These are not actually required and may be deleted on the production model. You can actually use the standard location, and your plate will sit a little higher than pictured.
  2. Hey So I noticed today that two of my LED's for my indicators are busted. Anyone know how easy these are to replace? or anyone else been through this?
  3. Hi all, Took some (extremely rough) pics while installing my 86/BRZ auto-fold side mirror kit, so thought I would do a quick write-up as I could not find any info online on how to do this. As the product suggest, this allows the mirrors to automatically fold in upon pressing the lock button (Or swiping the sensor on the door handle for GTS owners). Then automatically unfold when the car is switched to accessories prior to starting the vehicle. WARNING: Do this mod at your own risk, I am 100% NOT qualified in anything relating to vehicle electronics and completed this all by guess work Note: A quick thank-you to @Agent86 for picking the kit up for me whilst at Garage88! Estimated Time: Aprox 15mins Tools Required: -Phillips Head screwdriver -Flat head screwdriver This is how the kit arrives, included is a complete 'plug-and-play' loom setup with the auto-fold module, plus a few zipties, doublesided tape and a page of Japanese to admire, of which I have no-idea how to interpret.... Step 1: Removing the drivers side door card. This is done by first using a flat head screw driver to pop open the small cap behind the door handle. A phillips head screw can then be removed. Next, the plastic cover piece on the arm rest needs to be removed. This is held on by clips and a small lip at the top. So use a small amount of force and from the bottom-up. Next, is this black clip thingy (No clue what it's actually called hah), use a flat head screw driver to remove. The door card is now just held on by clips around the perimeter of the door, which simply pop out when a small amount of force is applied. Unplug the clips to the stock switches and unhook the door handle cables and you will now have complete access to the door. Now it is as straight forward as connecting the corresponding plugs to one another. Next unplug the clip which connects the door locking mechanism. Added for clarity. Now, using the final remaining black wire which runs from the automatic-fold module, split this wire into the pinkish/red wire of the door locking mechanism. (NOT the yellow wire like pictured). The black plastic piece supplied is folded and splits into this wire without the need of any cutting/splitting/soldiering. Added to illustrate the best route for the wire. Finally, attempt to neaten up the wires with the zip-ties provided. Tape the black module box to an area of the door card which will not be affected when re-installed. Finally, re-install the door card. Excuse the lack of clarity, found it rather difficult to put into writing what was involved, but it really is a straight forward mod. Happy to expand on anything if anyone has any questions.
  4. Hey guys, I have been looking into buying an intake for my 86 but kind of don’t want to shell out the $300 +, the only real obstacle I can see in doing one with suction piping from your average Auto store is repositioning the Map sensor. Does anyone here have any bright ideas on how to do this and/ or are there any suction kits that can be bought with a mounting point for the Map sensor. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.
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