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  1. WTS stock headers, 15,000km on them looking at nearest to 200 cheers
  2. So I noticed today that two of the led's on my buddyclub tail lights are not working. I pulled it out and apart but there is only so far you can get because it appears to be glued as well. Im really not keen on running the risk of damaging the body when opening them so is there a shop anyone can recommend who will fix it?
  3. Hey So I noticed today that two of my LED's for my indicators are busted. Anyone know how easy these are to replace? or anyone else been through this?
  4. Thanks for the info, I hear some manufacturers have to update software upon a service, which ends up wiping any tunes done. any idea if this is done with BRZ/86's? would be a shame to have $300 just wiped. I've only ever heard good things about coyote, this guy sounds like the main man for Brisbane 86 tuning
  5. Hi Guys, So I'm thinking about picking up a set of Crawford BPB because it seems to help smooth out the power band in the torque dip at the expense of some top end. I'm wondering if this and a dyno tune will help fix the torque dip well maintaining a similar if not better top end than stock. I'm curious to hear peoples experiences with these or similar products and if they are still running them today. (forgive me if this has already been mentioned in a thread I am only new) Cheers!
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