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  1. On this note, we have contacted admins multiple times about becoming a sponsor, and so far nobody has responded. Are we just talking to the wrong people? Could someone point us in the right direction please? Thank you in advance.
  2. I love Jim Carey's advice on such matters... P.S. This is not directed at anyone, just something I thought was right for the moment
  3. Thanks for the responses so far. Our BRZ has since been sold, just in case anyone was wondering why the ad hasn't been placed.
  4. Hi, we are Subaru Spares (also trading as Toyotu [for Toyota spare parts] and others). We are located in Smithfield, NSW. We specialise in dismantling late model cars, primarily Subaru. We also buy damaged, unwanted or salvage vehicles, paying cash and picking up. We also have a complete BRZ for sale, listing coming soon. Just check out our profile for our contact details, or send us a message, and we'd be happy to help you. Cheers. :-)
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