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  1. Great write up that one, Thanks! Now I have a better idea of what I want. For more power and a little more noise, a UEL catless header. Question: How much would a tune to remove the code be in Perth? More or less. Secondly for looks, I would like a cheap solution to get quad tips on the back of my car. I'm thinking that going to an exhaust shop and asking if they can modify my stock muffler OR asking them to fabricate me a quad tip muffler delete. Is this a cheap solution haha?
  2. Hi guys, I'm wanting to get an exhaust but I have a few difficulties. I have the Toyota GTS86 Blackline edition so I have the TRD garnishes and therefore I would like to get a quad tip exhaust but I don't know where to start looking. My budget isn't that big either... Let's say around the 1k mark. The exhausts I've seen that are quad tips are the Blitz C-Ti Quad Tips Exhaust (waaay out my budget), the TRD high response muffler ver.R(also out my budget), the HKS legamax sports quad tip (only slightly louder than stock) I've also considered the Invidia N1 being closer to my budget, but I'm not too sure it will look good with the TRD garnish. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Ahhh you thread necros trapped me! I should have read the date of the first post before posting this...
  4. When I was adjusting my clutch, I did see the spring and thought "I'm glad I don't have to do anything with that otherwise this job will be impossible". That spring is wedge far out of reach I think lol You would need to remove the pedal to get to the spring imo.
  5. Ahh that's ok, At-least the entire warranty is not void for the car. And damn your insurance rates are low compared to mine, I'm paying $97/month... lol ;D
  6. Hey Will, subscriber here from Youtube Great guide; it answered allot of questions I had for when I eventually get my turbo/supercharger. But I do still have two questions if you don't mind. Do you pay more for your insurance now, and would your supercharger mod void your warranty? I was one of the suckers that got sweet talked into the extended warranty, that's why I worry about it.
  7. Fk n hell that green and black looks sick! Bought myself a red can of calliper paint recently but now... I want that green!
  8. No problems man http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8040
  9. Sounds like it put a-lot of stress on your gear box and something gave way. How'd she manage that with the reverse lock out knob!?
  10. Spotted this orange 86 at Joondalup Mall and thought I'd park next to it
  11. Today around 11 O'clock I drove to KFC on my lunch break in the Westfield Whitfords city mall under ground parking and saw the most awesome thing ever! About a dozen 86's and brz's Does anyone have any information about that meet? I don't see anything on this forum, so I'm assuming there's another network they might be using.
  12. That's some big feet That is a picture of the Left Hand Drive clutch set up. But... I should have attempted doing this by myself before posting You take the same steps as you would with the other LHD tutorials, same tools as-well (12mm and 14mm) but the only thing that is different is the simplicity (because it's a very very VERY tight space) and the location of the master cylinder. If you are going to attempt this as-well, be careful of that welded piece around the rod that goes into the cylinder it is sharp and jagged! My clutch feels WAY better now that I have lowered it. The height is ever so slight, but the difference is night and day! I don't have to almost hit my knee into my chin when taking my foot off the rest to engage the clutch
  13. Hello guys, So as the title suggests I'm trying to lower my clutch height. Why don't I look at the many awesome tutorials out there you may be thinking? Well because after watching all the tutorials I can find - and having a very good idea of how to do what needs doing - I got down under my steering column only to notice my clutch pedal set up is COMPLETELY different to everyone else's. Now I'm not sure if it's because my car is a right hand side drive or because it's a 2014 (December) edition GT86 (It's because it's RHD), but instead of having the the clutch master cylinder being attached to a metal rod that runs over underneath the acceleration pedal, it is right underneath the clutch pedal all in one unit basically. I tried adjusting the threads of the rod which connects to the master cylinder but it's just too tight to get anything in there, and I'm a little worried to use my own logic without knowing how it's done on this type of set up. Here's a pic of my set up: Any help is appreciated as always
  14. I miss read the question and I don't know how to delete my post lol My apologies
  15. ***Update*** Speakers now fixed in place So after looking at many different hardware shops for ideas, I finally thought I'd go with the standard speed clip and bolt. Here are the packages if anyone needs to do what I've done. And here's the end result. I used a foam type double sided tape on the other two speaker lips to ensure there's no rattling. Thanks for all the people that helped me on this adventure
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