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  1. Well I will be booking mine t go over the pits..... Mid plate is already attached its just being tuned
  2. Haha I know why you are doing this.....
  3. Ryu79


    Could you price postage to oerth
  4. If we can get it purchased and fitted/ tuned for a decent price u would be interested and could buy this week.
  5. That's a ridiculous price. Tokyo motorsports stated that its legal as i specifically asked them. Plus 250 bhp is where I would want to be. Safe reliable tune.
  6. Wa, Perth mate and rough costs all up. The SC kit is actually legal and drive in drive out with 270 bhp so that's why I was swinging that way
  7. I could still be in but am very impatient! Who could fit, tune it and how soon could we get them
  8. Sorry am getting confused with the supercharger. Yeah I am in mate. My number is 0429076377 give me a shout
  9. So what exhaust should we get, I have been told headers are a must.
  10. Sorry to thread jack, coyote is the ultrex headers good enough. Also I am in line for avo or sprintex but leaning towards the sprintex now. Can you tune when not with the car. Flame me if this is a silly question. Also does anyone know who would be best in Perth to fit either kit
  11. 20 percent hike in power, surely not
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