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  1. Ended up switching out the milk bottle lid with this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-Black-Solid-Silicone-Flare-Ear-Plug-Choose-Size-8g-to-38mm-1-only-/230931961496?var=&hash=item35c49e1698 some time ago.
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. Today I decided to re-bleed the system and remove the speed bleeder one corner at a time. replaced the rear right bleeder with the original and gravity bleed that corner. took it for a test drive and now its solid. So I'm guessing the speed bleeder was faulty or had a bad seal and was leaking air in. In answer to the above questions. Reservoir went low only once and that was when i changed the brake lines, had been bleed twice since then. Never bottomed out the pedal when bleeding, had a block of wood behind the pedal. All bleeder nipples are up top on the calipers. Anyways hopefully that is the problem solved. Thanks again for all your help.
  3. initially bled with speed bleeders, then bled again with old school two person method. Not much air came out on the second bleed making me think something else is going on.
  4. Been having issues with my brake pedal. Feels very squishy up top and if the engine in running with car stationary I can push pedal all the way to the floor. Have installed braided brake lines and master cylinder stopper and flushed the system twice but with no change. My fluid level is not going down so I'm not loosing brake fluid. Is it normal to be able to press the brake pedal to the floor? I can still stop ok and can engage ABS but it pedal feel isn't great. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, please add me to the group. Alex Thom. Moved to the Sunny Coast this year.
  6. I can confirm that this works. I had the same wiring as Rayy and did the above. Hooked V up to position lights, fog light up to brakes.
  7. Hi everyone, first post here. Decided to take out the sound tube/generator today. Pretty straight forward Remove it from the intake by loosening the clamp. Remove the two bolts that attack it to the engine bay. pull it out with the clip that attaches it to the engine bay lower down towards the fire wall. It didn't seem to be attached to the firewall with anything and pulled right out (if you do stick your hand down where it meets the firewall it is right next to the steering column so your hand will get greasy if you touch that) To plug the intake hole i used a milk bottle lid. Light milk = yellow = matches caps in engine bay (kind of). To plug the firewall hole you just pull back the carpet in the footwell and plug it with one of the grommets off the sound tube that one of the bolts went through (I plugged the grommet itself with a ear plug but you could use whatever). The only concern I have is if the milk bottle lid will melt but every time I have popped the hood the intake has never been too hot to touch so should be ok (any one got thoughts on this?)
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