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  1. on carsales, $23,000 or make an offer
  2. for the record i gave it a bootfull of throttle around a corner and did a big fish-tale up the road. "tank slapper" as in the fuel sloshed/slapped from one side of the tank to the other.....
  3. Hi All, Time is here, 86 is for sale You all know the car if you have read my 86 thread In Kingaroy, can bring to Brisbane, Manual with all the options Stickers can come off, and paint is not perfect but is unique for an 86 58,500km Is going on carsales next week for $27k, but I will sell to a serious buyer from here for much much much less to save me dealing with the masses
  4. chasing a drivers seat belt. just the buckle not the whole mechanism. how much please??
  5. it did urs is going in next!! they are not made for dirt roads......
  6. also you might think the engine and box are fine, however if the wheel was spinning at the time that load would have gone through the whole lot. also the force to do that will have bent the cradle and possibly stuffed the diff the stuff in your photo is the cosmetic stuff. i personally would be praying they write it off
  7. door 1k rear quarter replacement (guessing 1-2k) will have to come from japan rear suspension 2-3k you would want to replace that wheel after force like that $800 per gts wheel tyre?? air bags are 1k-1.5k each paint and blending 2-4k so my best guess is 8-14k assuming best case however, if any of the body mounts for the suspension are damaged or the chassis has a kink or the roof has kink, they will write her off. personally i would ant that written off, will never drive the same after a shunt like that
  8. Hi All, managed to snap another stock shock anyone wanna sell a set?? should be in brisbane in the coming weeks so can collect cheers nathan
  9. why would you run an aftermarket ECU?? talk to Coyote on here. you can achieve almost anything with the stock one....
  10. also the panel is super thin so i was not comfortable on how it would react to the "outward rolling force" find someone who has done it, have a look at their car, i was not willing to be first....
  11. ok so the rear guard where you would normally roll is slightly cut out. its not a "normal" guard roll like would be done on older cars. from my looking at it i decided i would not roll the guard as it didnt look like a good idea. and that is coming from someone who owns a guard roller and has rolled all my other cars myself
  12. because the car was sideways??
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