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  1. can this thread be euthanized already pls lol
  2. Forged Performance has one that will be ready shortly that will allow you to bolt it to the centre console (where the cup holders go).
  3. discussion is good and the point of my thread wasnt just to get people saying ooooh nice car, so no need to apologise. like Coyote just said... any mod is a risk and whether you're running 250 or a slightly modified car with 150-180... theres been plenty of 86's go bang on a stage one AVO kit, which i consider to be pretty tame... but there's also a variety of reasons that this happened. realistically the oldest of our cars are about two years old so noone really knows what boosting these motors does to the longevity of them. We're pioneering we could find a whole lot of 5 year old cars with motors giving up. which is why we've bought up a spare motor now while they're cheap and noone wants them
  4. lol i know Kalen very well guys.. i'm at his place about once a week. Having said that, power and longevity are two things that do not often run in parallel. You increase one you decrease the other. the twincharge set up should be ready very soon and i believe he's going to get it dyno'd before he opens the block, but i would be surprised if it makes 500kw without something going bang. The endgoal is to forge the motor for that kind of power. And you absolutely should not believe that is achievable for any period of time without things going wrong. But yes, tuning issues are the main cause of things going bang and this is applicable for anything from 150kw+ so choose your tuner carefully.
  5. sounds good! im all for advice and not reinventing any wheels
  6. *shrugs* we've upgraded fuel pump, i've got injectors ready to go.. if we start seeing fuel starvation issues we'll just back off for the time being and look into solutions for our poorly designed fuel tank. (I think visconti's fix was to run three pumps?) 3bar map should be fine clutch will hold torque. i'm looking into a 3" exhaust to allow more flow. Pod filter frees up the intake volume. EBC or wastegate to up the boost a lil bit. WMI to reduce temps + increase octane and add some timing. I know its a simplified plan but i dont see what i've missed?
  7. Thanks guys, anything specific you'd recommend? I'm pretty sure Nix is running about 230 unopened and one of the boys down here in sydney has just had his cranked up to about 230 unopened from Pulse. I'm aware that 250 is pushing the envelope, but thats what makes it fun right plus a friend and i have a spare motor sitting around down here for whoevers car pops first. I'm really happy with my tuner and i know they wouldnt do anything they werent happy would last me a while so we'll see i guess.
  8. Hi Guys, Just thought i'd jump up here and share the progress over the past year and half on my car... So to kick things off ill jump straight to the juicy bit, the mods list: Car 2012 86 GT - 6MT (Pearl White) Engine/Performance: AVO Stage 2 Turbo Kit 3 Bar Map Sensor (not yet fitted) Billet AVO BOV Enclosed Pod Filter Deatschwerks 65C Fuel Pump FIC 540CC injectors (not yet fitted) AVO Dump pipe Perrin Overpipe Invidia front pipe with High Flow Cat Apexi Catback Competition Clutch Cushioned Button Clutch Handling/Braking: Cusco Carbon Strut Bar with Master Cylinder Stopper Brace HEL Braided brake lines RDA Slotted/Dimpled Rotors DGR coilovers Perrin rear transmission bushing Whiteline positive shift kit Exterior: XXR 530 matte black - 17x8.25" Rays Gram lights - Gold - 17x7.5" HT Auto Front Lip Beatrush Sharkfin Aerial Cover TYC Colins Taillight LED DRL Garnish Blacked out OEM headlights AR Smoked front + side indicators AR Smoke LED fog/reverse light HID kit/LED parkers Slimline number plate mount Interior: AEM Boost/Wideband Failsafe gauge Carbon Dash piece JPM Coachworks Alcantara cluster hood Raceseng Slammer Shift knob Beatrush aluminium shift lockout LED footwell illumination Audio: Soundstream Monoblock 600W Digital Amp Pioneer Touchscreen Double Din Headunit Kicker CVT slimline sub Alpine Type S splits (not yet fitted) Currently making 180KW at the rear wheels. Using OEM ECU and BRZEDIT by Unigroup. With special thanks to: NSW 86/BRZ Car club - https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSW86BRZCARCLUB/?ref=ts&fref=ts Gray Developments - https://www.facebook.com/graydevelopments?fref=ts Prospeed Racing - http://www.prospeedracing.com.au/ 999 Automotive - http://www.999automotive.com.au/ Unigroup Engineering - http://www.unigroup.com.au/Home.html The story A change in the wind My journey to where my car is today begun back in October 2009, sitting at my desk at work where whilst scrolling through images of the Tokyo Motor show the FT-86 concept bombarding my computer screen. WIth talk rampant of Toyota resurrecting a Supra i was instantly hooked. What followed next was a painstaking wait, with rumours and forums all going crazy over any little snippet of extra information we could find out about this concept before 2011 rolled around when the FT-86ii concept was released and Toyota had all but confirmed it was going into production. Aggressive angular lines and promise of a modern day drivers car solely focused on enjoyment only made the prospect that much more appealing. And i knew i needed this car. Unfortunately when Toyota did announce that the car was going into production it seemed that i wasnt the only one who'd been paying attention and was keen on getting into one, as sight unseen deposits were flooding into dealerships and the wait time quickly blew out to over 12 months. Without money to burn i needed to see one and go for a test drive before i knew it was the perfect car for me. Which once they were available i set about trying to do. Unfortunately because they were so popular there were plenty of dealerships that wouldnt so much as unlock the car without you putting your money on the table. Ryde Toyota being the exception to the rule. When i walked in i was treated like a customer (something all the 6 dealers i tried previously failed to pick up on), and they gladly got the car out and we took it for a lap around the block. Needless to say my money was on the table that afternoon for a Pearl white 2012 86-GT. Fast forward six months and i was picking her up: And then driving her non stop through every twisty road i could find. Driving this car when it was so new was amazing. For a brief period in time i knew what it must feel like to have some kind of supercar, EVERYONE was looking wherever i drove. I'd get a million questions yelled at me whilst driving down the road from the car next to me. And i had to allow an extra 15 minutes anytime i wanted fuel because of the questions i'd get from the guy next to me or the cashier. The novelty factor was really really cool! I also couldnt get over how responsive and direct the steering was and the smile it could put on my face every time i left the driveway. If you've never taken one for a drive i STRONGLY suggest you do, and then head to Old pac/Nasho/Kangaroo Valley. I challenge you to find me a new car that gives you the same fun factor for 30-40K. The Mod bug bites.... So after the new car smell started to wear off and the rosy honeymoon period started to wear off i noticed certain little things i wanted to fix more to my tastes. 1st on that list was the stereo. My previous car being a 3.0R 05 Liberty with premium sound, this base model Corolla stereo just wasnt cutting it. Although looking for more, i'm definitely no audiophile so just a basic upgrade would suffice. In went a Pioneer double DIN 2450 touch head unit, with a Soundstream STL1.600D Monoblock amp and a Kicker CVT12 slimline sub. This combo meant i could cut all the bass out of the crappy stock speakers and the sound improved considerably. Next on the list was exhaust, the stock exhaust is abit uninspiring and rather raspy through the revrange, so initally i took it to Castle Hill performance for a custom catback as there werent too many off the shelf solutions available just yet. And finally for my initial mods was wheels and some touches around the body work (some vinyl/plastidip, lights and a boot lip.) I've always liked Maseratis and i got an image in my head of making my 86 into a kind of Mini Maserati GT. I think i did alright. And then along came boost... It was about this point when turbo kit talk was ablaze in the 86 forums. AVO had just released their super stealthy kit, and realistically the 86 could use that extra little bit of power (NOTE: it does not NEED the extra power, but if you want it... it can definitely use it.) Enter, someone from QLD in one of the 86 groups who's got the first AVO turbo in Australia and has changed his mind and decided to go in a different direction so is now selling a lightly used (about a month) second hand AVO kit for an absolute steal. I couldn't say no, and my bank account did weep. Finding a reputable tuner however, that was comfortable and competent to work on tuning such a new, high compression motor with a turbo strapped to it proved to be a whole world of pain in the ass if i didnt want to drop upwards of $2K on a tune. During that time though i started adding a whole heap of supporting mods to ensure the car was turbo ready. The CHE custom exhaust was replaced with an Apexi Catback/Invidia Front pipe/Perrin Overpipe combo. We upgraded the fuel pump as a preventative measure. Sorted a stealth boost/wideband install in the drivers side airvent. Braking was also covered off with slotted rotors, Braided lines, and a master cylinder stopper to improve the pedal feel. Handling wise, some coilovers had the car well planted. Big thanks in here to Prospeed Racing and 999 Automotive for fixing me up. It was about now i was really happy with how the car looked, and so i entered it into the WTAC show n shine for abit of fun (and cheap convenient parking) Which to my surprise it managed to pick up an award!!! [] never been so stoked about an award in my life haha. Crunch Time... It was now October and i had a rapidly approaching deadline to get the turbo installed and tuned in the form of the Modball Rally (the most fun you'll ever have in your life, Cannot recommend it enough.) So in went the turbo And in went the car to Unigroup Engineering to do the tune. (Credit to them they fit me in between several other cars, did an amazing job on the tune and turned it around really quickly!!) It's not breaking any records but i was leaving for QLD on Friday and took this to them on Tuesday. So a safe tune was the priority. And i picked it up and raced off to meet up for the Modball. Which to date is probably the best car-related thing i've ever done. (If you havent registered for this years rally... DO IT!!!) However on day one leaving Sydney we were faced with torrential rain and probably the worst road conditions you could think of for normal cars, let alone a pack of exotic/modified sports cars. I came to grief just north of Newcastle as i missed a large standing pool of water on the right hand side of the road and the car aquaplaned into the concrete barrier at 100km/h. Still pains me to see this video but i've shared it to show others just how alert you need to be in the wet, even when you arent being silly things can happen. Amazingly, i got out of with only slight cosmetic damage and miraculously the steering was completely unaffected so i continued on the rally with the help of some amazing friends [] who slowed right down with me all the way to Coffs Harbour. In QLD we got access to the HDT track/skidpan and i was grinning again doing what the 86 loves. [] Since that time i haven't bothered to get the damage fixed yet as i have other priorities for now... including upping the power output of the car. I have upgraded the clutch to a competition cushioned button clutch as the OEM one was slipping and couldnt handle the torque. (Again huge thanks to the guys at 999 Auto for hooking me up with a sweet deal and an awesome feeling/performing clutch, really really happy with it.) I have bigger injectors waiting to go in and plan on running some more boost along with a Water/Meth injection kit and then getting it re-tuned before Modball 2014. Final goal would be 250rwkw... so we'll see what happens. Thanks for reading through my journal and in closing..
  9. there are some interesting people on the internet
  10. my roomies 86 managed to swallow a rock wallaby lol..... and then another guy in the NSW club did the same thing. Then a few months later one of them hit a cat which managed to surive -1 life. haha these cars are animal traps.
  11. Fuuuuu. Stay away from my front bar with your flame spitty exhaust lol. Looks like ill be the only 86 now i think...
  12. also for those guys who were saying they dont like the rev cut, this is adjustable through tuning. The reason its so bad is stock is something like 400-600rpm reduction before power kicks back on which is a long time when you're fanging it. Get it tuned and you can change this to whatever you want. Maybe 50rpm so it bounces. Or just get a BEE R rev limiter
  13. just to update guys we've gotten even better pricing if we can secure 15 sets.... probably looking at about January to put an order in so lots of time to save up!!!
  14. hey dude, they're uniquely coded to the car with the ECU/immobiliser. Check the GT86 forums, a guy did it and got it wrong and bricked his car, had to send stuff to japan to get it unlocked. having said that i know of another guy who pulled both the GTS and his GT cluster apart completely. and re-soldered the GTS face onto his cluster.
  15. i have it, it attaches to the current pieces with velcro (or double sided tape if you so choose but velcro is supplied) quality is good, fitment is good. Makes my friends jelly and Tetsuya Tada liked it
  16. Hey Guys, Just wanted to check if there was any interest in a group buy on these vented Guards. Made in Japan from Fibreglass so you can rest assured they're great quality!!! Price if we can get 10 ROUGHLY (depends on yen etc) $600 +$180 shipping These come unpainted so factor that in. If we're able to get 15 parties keen then we can squeeze for a better deal!! Any questions let me know, Gav
  17. came here expecting to slap someone for putting scion badges on their toyota.... instead i leave pleasantly surprised.. welcome bro
  18. Cause everyone who enters gotta be a baller
  19. Hnrgghhhh... right. ill remember not to drive along behind you then.. cars running a little rich i can see lololol
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