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  1. no, its screwed in and would then leave holes. but the good news is theres always several different types up on ebay, just try "86 arm rest" and "86 centre console" in the search box.
  2. hi all, im going to be putting my brz up for sale next week and thought id see if anyone was interested... its a new 2013 brz wr blue auto with aprox 1,500km. i had the dash panels swapped for black alacantra ( still have original silver plastic ones), put in $600 jdm seat covers that are virtually identical to the original seat materials, put in some 86 jdm rubber mats and an 86 plastic boot liner. selling both our cars to get 1 all rounder to reduce costs, plus my partner has hated it from the start! if anyone wants to put in an offer you can call me on 0433436033, thanks Paul.
  3. cool-that would make the best birthday surprise cake ever!
  4. It looks like they might not be standard, if you look at the pics with the arrows showing the paint differences the new ones still have the standard alloys. might be though, might not, might be an option, or a special edition, or a jdm only thing... if i was ordering one i would def get the dealer to check!
  5. i can confirm that as Dennis said above the 2015 Brz will have sharkfin antenae and paint names/colours to change to same as wrx, according to a perth dealer about a month ago. this affects brzs being ordered from NOW, even though the website doesnt mention it -so be sure to get your dealer to check if your getting one from the factory or stock! the new wr blue looks horrible to me (only seen it on wrxs in pics and vids though -so might look good still in person?). that was all the changes he mentioned for brzs. i think the darker blue may have been getting deleted too, but i cant recall where i saw that.
  6. sounds like its been used as a demo in my opinion. take it now with a 1-2k discount or get them to order a brand new one (<20km) in for you.
  7. Hi everyone, I hope it's ok for brz owners to join, just got my blue baby last week and it looks like there's way more of you on here (and more helpful info) than over at the brz forum, so here I am Im A total noob when it comes to cars, so figured this is a good place to start for info. Mines a 2013 wr blue brz auto. So far I only plan to do some aesthetic changes: mainly trying to give the interior a bit more of a premium look and feel, also maybe swap out some or all the exterior rear lights, and then finally, maybe just maybe will think about a slight power boost if needed after driving for a few months. But first things first. Gotta get some minor scratches on the paintwork out (nightmare dealer story -arrived scratched and they don't want to know). Money and time are limited so this is going to be a long slow journey. I already have spent too many hours looking for all the perfect bits and pieces to make it look just right - bit of an obsession ! See u online
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