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  1. Absolutely can not wait ! What colour did you go with?
  2. Sweet as! I placed an order for the 2015 model in March and the wait is killing me haha
  3. Is the australian model also getting new rims?!
  4. Are there any pictures of such updates/changes to the 86?
  5. I have no idea if its the MY15 model or not. Thanks for the response guys
  6. Hi guys, I was told by my local dealership that the Toyota 86 will be receiving 'technical changes". Does anyone know what these changes are ? thanks
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone have any recommendations in regards to mods for the 86 and where to get them? thanks Danny
  8. Cheers for the reply lads, hopefully it'll arrive soon!
  9. sweet, ill definitely checkout that thread Thanks Pleb!
  10. Hi guys so i ordered my black 2014 86 gts and the salesman said he wasnt sure when the car would arrive. any ideas on when i should expect my car?
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