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  1. Out me down for one, I'm in sure as to which one yet though.
  2. Sent my request a while ago! Just waiting for it to be accepted.
  3. Ganjara the globes are ADR approved, so yes they are road legal. Philips also do a Crystalvision which is not ADR approved but have a much bluer tinge similar to HID's, and look exactly like a standard halogen globe when installed.
  4. Lachlan, I tried taking a photo with my phone when I put them in and you could hardly see the difference because it's very poor quality. They're not a blue light as such, but a clear white light instead of the yellow as standard. Here is photo of the parkers which is slightly better quality due to them not being so bright. Bluevision is on the right.
  5. Bought some Philips Bluevision headlights and parkers today from work and put them in. They may not be HID's but look better than the standard globes.
  6. Another happy customer, they look awesome and feel like they are going to last a long time.
  7. Received and installed my Perrin inlet pipe today which gets rid of that pesky noise generator. Also a Perrin stubby antenna!
  8. Pleasure to deal with so far guys! order made and paid. Excited!
  9. Hi ygoslo, from what I've gathered those LED drl are streetfx? Could someone please link me to them I like them a lot and can't seem to find them on the streetfx site as it's quite clunky and not user friendly. How does it work for the GT? Is there an added button? If there is a thread could someone point me in the right direction? Also loving how this is looking ygoslo, very mean.
  10. Best colour IMO! Not being bias or anything did you do the few small mods I can see yourself?
  11. Hi Preens from Melbourne! Awesome to hear your enjoying the car. Bring on the pictures!
  12. ^ couldn't agree more. On another thread I defended Stevo_12v about something Bren said, but now after reading this, I agree with Bren. Hamdan I have come from a similar situation, in that my mum helped me with the loan on the car so I wouldn't have to pay interest. We can't control what family we're born into, as long as you don't be an asshat about it, be appreciative and respectful then I see no problem. Enjoy your car man! Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I am with mine.
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