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  1. Yeah i suppose there isn't much to discuss for the 86 it's nice but slow. and it's not like a re-map fixes it lol, you need turbo or nothing lol
  2. There hasn't been a post on this forum since 2019, wondering if everyone's ok? I just re-bought an 86 figured I'd log back in to my old account, but everyone's gone? lol
  3. RX8 is crap, it looks great, love to drive it but we bought a brand new one. Just had problems and problems, they REPLACED the car and it still had a minor problem lol. Just tell her about that and she'll get over it. Ours was my mum's too lol. If she still complains just explain how there are even manlier cars being driven by girls, take STI/WRX's, V8 Commodores, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Skylines. They're much more "masculine" and plenty of women drive it. Tell her to man up lol.
  4. At full throttle the A/C compressor shuts off. It's quite standard in most sports cars these days. My MX-5 did this too.
  5. Well definitely not white, do something unique, after all that work it would be a waste to just make it a colour that come stock. Maybe one of those House-of-kolor colours? or .. Aventador Orange? even Green'd look good on that, but that very light pearl version of green with a yellow pearl under it.
  6. I don't understand how it got behind the grille? Was the grille lose or anything?
  7. Could i just ask, you wrote approx 30kg? A front bar should not weigh even near that much .. Or did i misread something? Postage from Japan, I can help (i import regularly - not so much body parts but .. i can help) for anyone else who might be interested. In terms of body parts, the most recent front bar I've imported from Japan was for an old skyline, it set me back $420 so the price you paid is quite normal, don't let anyone ever tell you anything else.
  8. Gearbox oil can also be a factor.. Thought about changing .. maybe go with Fully Synthetic Redline - definitely worth the extra few bucks.
  9. I had a few questions regarding the Toyota 86. Does the car have a WOT sensor? Basically I'm looking for something i can tap into that only functions at full throttle or at high-end. Whether it's a vacuum line or an electronic trigger/switch (WOT sensor). --- I searched for a while but didn't really come up with much. Anyone installed Air Suspension to these things? (not for performance but more for "stance"). I'd like some reviews - How hard was it to install? worth it? or just stick with coilovers?
  10. Unfortunately most of the track guys aim straight for the "brand-name" goods - Sparco etc.. So the seats are what actually get sold. And the people who buy it for luxury aren't very common there'll be too few buyers for this. Also, someone had pm'd me regarding the HVAC controls, i believe different models have different types take a look at this page (american forum) http://www.subarubrzforum.com/9-subaru-brz-general-discussion-forum/1665-differences-between-fr-s-brz.html Keep the ideas coming though!
  11. slimx

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    Custom-Made goods, Performance Parts, Suspension, "Stance" related parts. etc. Thanks.
  12. I was looking to become a forum sponsor/support, can someone contact me regarding this. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys, got my hands on an 86 2013. Basically, I'm a "product designer" I guess you can call it.. I got the car strictly just to modify and run some tests then I'll be selling to the lucky bloke who drives away with an undriven (only driven-for tests vehicle). I'm going to begin to design & manufacture some products. If anyone is interested in helping me do some tests (in future - about August-ish) hit me up with a pm. (Sydney only). Also, If there is any particular accessory you think the 86 needs im willing to listen .. ==
  14. How does that "open speed limit" work though? I heard about that too.. but wasn't sure if it was just rumors .. Is it actually.. like unlimited speed? like Germany spec? or ..
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