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  1. i have the lights set up just like how EddieBRZ does and Ive asked a few highway patrol cops and they said it was a no go for the upside down V as a flashing brake light. But other than that i haven't had any problems. Ive even traveled inter-sate and it didn't attract any attention from the police in SA.
  2. Was looking at these the other day. Might have to pick a set up Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  3. Mine has just passed 30k and I'm starting to get a few spots like this at the top of my wheel. But it can get up to 35 degrees in the shade where I live, and having the steering wheel hot when you drive wouldn't help.
  4. I like what you have done so far. How are those 9.5 Rear tyres? have they rubbed at all? looking forward to seeing more pictures in the future.
  5. The usb on my BRZ charges an iphones 5S just fine.
  6. The Paint turned out great! i was thinking of getting that bonnet myself, did you leave the vents unpainted? or did you get them blacked out?
  7. There are waterless wash products on the market that you can get. I know plenty of people that use them just to maintain there car between major washes.
  8. Benny! Can you put my name down for 1x BRZ manual set?
  9. Wow nice ride man! looks like it isgoing to bring you many hours of fun.
  10. Thanks for the links dude. I find it strange the way that they have the usb connectivity setup on these.
  11. Which convertion plugs did you need? I have just bought the same unit and I'm looking for the nessesary plugs before I start pulling the dash apart. (sorry for thread bump)
  12. Hi Shawn and welcome! I like the areo kit on the 86's. Are they decals they you have on your bonnet?
  13. Nice work on the wheels. I plasti dipped my stock rims white just the other week but the matte finish loves the dirt and can be a pain to keep clean.
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