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  1. Exactly what i'm thinking, everyone knew the demand would be massive, at least you guys can just go up to your dealer, plonk down a preset amount of cash and get the car you want. Plenty of us wait up to 5 years and pay what ever it takes to get the cars we want and yet we don't sit here and complain.
  2. Is it $15 per item or $15 per shipment? If it's $15 for the whole lot then would be worthwhile with a couple of hats, a shirt and the USB, otherwise if its $15 each item... well yeah... :| Lotus one was $60 (F1 Tax lol) so wouldn't really mind a 86 one for $26
  3. Get some $20 kits off ebay that include strips of multi colour LEDs that you can set via remote control, even have them pulse through the colours for wicked mood lighting, I've got a set behind my bedhead and under it and the missus seems to like it Either that or a streetfx kit for this is in development surely?
  4. I would be in for a USB to compliment my lotus one,
  5. Haha nah that's not the reason, schools are great money but they don't challenge you much when you're not the lead tech and have 0 decision making ability,
  6. Spoke design meant that you wouldn't be able to open these straight valves, the ones on these rims have a 90 degree bend in them. I'm sure there would have been a way to hack them together but it was outside of my technical expertise. That said $200 is a wicked price compared to what I paid for a set! Almost tempted to get them and see what I can dodgy up haha.
  7. If you're going after market rims make sure it will be compatible, got one and it won't work with my Blitz Technospeed Z1s
  8. Can't be bothered playing it on PC anymore but it's my own fault, when it came out didn't want to pay the rip of a price so purchased a russian copy for $20, now every time there's a patch (which is so friggen often) I have to go tweak the registry so a) it's not all in Russian, so it doesn't display only a black screen after everything is loaded! Still an epic game and I thourghly agree it runs rings around cod!
  9. Went for a drive today and listend to Pink Floyd's The Wall cover to cover, has been atleast a year since my last listen and I remembered it all word for word
  10. I've had a few issues with the boxee I installed for my parents, biggest thing with it is keep it up to date and it seems to play ball but it has it's own little excentricities. I currently run XBMC on a HP Microserver N40L, $250 for the box + a $50 graphics card, very simple and upgradeable, my plans for when I move into my own place is to sell my current file server to my housemate, whack 4x4TB HDDs in the microserver for 12TB useable, an SSD for a boot drive and a blu-ray reader for a pretty epic HTPC/FS, only issue will be culling down the current 16TB used to fit in (For those playing at home Boxee is just a customised version of XBMC anyway so anything it can do you can make XBMC do with a few tricks).
  11. That's pretty awesome! Definitely something different, any pics of the engine as it sits now?
  12. IT Tech at a school, not the kind of environment I want to stay in but a good stepping stone.
  13. Last time I had a looksie 1JZ-GTE's were around the $1,200 mark here where as a 2JZ-GTE was pushing around a $2,800 for an aristo one or nudging 4K for an RZ spec one. Happy to be proven wrong if 2J's have come down drastically in price, but then again my new one's already nudging the $4k mark for just a block and head! Also price aside either JZ is still too heavy. This is the altezza I got to ride shotgun in when I went to NZ last time, currently pushing out 230rwkw but there are a couple over there nudging 290rwkw from a 3S-GE+T. this one pictured is also stuffed with cusco goodies as it belongs to the parts manager at North Shore Toyota (Who'e awesome 86 I posted up in the pics section)
  14. The TRD kit looks nice with the TRD exhaust though so I think it suits, and if you don't get the TRD kit you have to cut up your rear bumper to fit the zaust, so it does have a tiny performance gain I'm more excited to see their HKS super charger kit when it comes in, hopefully it's on soon!
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